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January 2019



Over Yuletide 2018 the management of the Whittlecreek and Eaton St Torpid Heritage Railway stayed near the the East Midlands tripoint known as Three Shire Oak. This meant the Railway's workshop shut down for the duration, allowing ample time to upload some of the former exhibitions held at 'The Alex' arts centre.
Work also commenced on Art Nouveau designs planned to form the interior of a Bulrush Dining Car for Whittlecreek and Eaton St Torpid Heritage Railway. For the time being these designs are expected to appear as a forthcoming exhibition at 'The Alex' arts centre and a range of giftware in the Railway's gift shop.

Ibberson's kingfisher     Ibberson's bulrush        Ibberson's kingfisher and sun
The management also had a hand in revitalising the Brindlecliffe ECHO!, insisting that any self-respecting local paper must have a comic strip. The editor's response was 'If you want a cartoon then you provide it!' Which somewhat backfired as the resulting jokes mostly concern a philosophically-inclined toaster from IKEA called Glöda which makes remarks the two main characters, Russell and a kettle called Hobbs, fail to understand. As, indeed, do most of the ECHO!'s readers.
Bulrush and kingfisher motifs from Charles Rennie Ibberson's designs for Bulrush Dining Room in the now-demolished Canidringham Hotel in Brindlecliffe.

Ready for the new power station
In the expectation that the current Government will be building a nuclear power station on the north-west Norfolk coast in just a few years time, the management of the Whittlecreek and Eaton St Torpid Heritage Railway decided to invest in a nuclear waste transporter. This will enable the Railway to bid for the transport of all the plutonium-enriched spent fuel rods created each year.
To avoid raising undue concern in advance of planning permission being imposed for the nuclear power station the Railway have disguised this as a 'Nukiller Waste Transporter'.

Whittlecreek and Eaton St Torpid Heritage Railway's Nukiller Waste Transporter. Click on photo for more details.

Completely safe
The Transporter's design was fast-tracked due to the Railway's General Manager's father having been employed at the Atomic Energy Research Establishment, Harwell, in the mid-1950s.
A drum of plutonium-enriched waste obtained from Springfield Nuclear Power Plant in Massachusetts has enabled ongoing tests to establish the suitability of the Transporter. The intense radiation means the drum glows green and blue, but this is only visible during tests if the Transporter lid needs to be removed.
The Railway's management say the Transporter testing is 'completely safe' and 'there is no risk to residents or visitors' as all tests are being conducted according to safety procedures laid down by atomic energy engineers working at Windscale in 1956.


How many of you remember when newspapers had a partly-blank 'Stop Press' column?

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Naming ceremony for
'Sir Toby P. Wickham'

The management and supporters of the Whittlecreek and Eaton St Torpid Heritage Railway gathered at Eaton St Torpid station at 4.30 p.m. on Thursday 3rd January for a naming ceremony. As might be expected for early January the weather was chilly. The Mayor of Brindlecliffe, Cllr Mike Henyard, nevertheless spoke warmly of the Railway's ability to build a new track maintenance vehicle almost entirely from scratch.
In honour of the three key inspirations for the locomotive it was named Sir Toby P. Wickham. Sir Toby's middle name, Perseverance, was considered too long to fit on this rather diminutive conveyance.

Sir Toby P. Wickham
Click on photo for more details.

New management at Brindlecliffe ECHO!

The former Editor of the Brindlecliffe ECHO!, Stan Railton, at his leaving 'do'

Shortly before Christmas Stan Railton, 83, retired after a life-time's career editing the Brindlecliffe ECHO! Stan joined the ECHO! as a teaboy in 1946 and quickly rose up the ranks, becoming deputy assistant manager of classified advertising at the slender age of 21 years.
Little had changed at the ECHO! since he took over as editor in 1970, least of all his inagility to spot typos. The new editorial team hope readers consider the new look of the Brindlecliffe ECHO! is a noticeable impoverishment.




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Russell & Hobbs (ft. Glöda the Toasta)

Russell and Hobbs

With apologies to Bill Watterson

The complete collection of the Brindlecliffe ECHO!'s very own Russell & Hobbs (ft. Glöda the Toasta) cartoon strip is available exclusively from the Whittlecreek and Eaton St Torpid Heritage Railway gift shop.

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