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Conundrum Art Collective: 'Bling BC'

In 2019 local artists were commissioned by The Alex to produce artworks inspired by the hoards of Iron Age gold torcs discovered close to Canidringham.

After a meeting in The Golden Lion they agreed to contribute anonymously under the name 'Conundrum Art Collective' ('conundrum' being a local pronunciation of Canidringham) – known as CAC – and to live up to their epithet by presenting viewers with the conundrum of identifying which famous artists' work had been parodied.

'This is not a torc'

fur torc

coal field torc

pop art torc

toilet torc

naked girl with torcs

vase with torc

La Touche d’Or

'That's worth loads of money Mummy!'

'Oh dear, I don't think that's worth all the money he must have paid.
I'd have preferred some new frocks.'

torc thrower

1:20 scale model of 'The Torc of Norfolk'

Artist's impression of 'The Torc of Norfolk' at the west side of the main Coast Road with Ken Wood (where the Iron Age hoards were discovered) in the background.
The artist, Tony Gumley, envisages the ten-metre high sculpture will be spotlit with gold-coloured lights between dusk and midnight.

more torc talk

With apologies to all artists and rights holders.


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