Exploring the beliefs of English people during the fifth to ninth centuries


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What next?

I have a number of ideas for how Anglo-Saxon Twilight might develop. One is simply to revise and add to these fairly 'theoretical' articles. But the better idea would be to create a whole extra section called 'The Doing' to sit alongside all 'The Thinking'. Yes, 'experimental archaelogy' that experiements with the immaterial culture, to sit alongside the well-established precedents for experimental recreations of material culture. A further option is to invite articles from other writers who wish to contribute to either The Thinking or The Doing sections.

However any such developments depend on how much interest and feedback there is to the this initial offering. Please email me with comments, suggestions or whateever, no matter how brief.

I really would like to know of any truly interdisciplinary 'fellow travellers' who are interested in stepping outside the paradigms which conventionally limit historians and archaeologists, and instead approach Anglo-Saxon Britain from 'below' – the underlying beliefs which shape the ontology and cosmology of the society, and the processes by which they change. My own paradigm is closest to cultural studies, although many of my insights and suggestions are based on linguistics and iconography. I'd be expecially interested to learn of any additional approches that shed light on the fifth to ninth centuries – or even the centuries before and after.


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