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This list was compiled from Thomas Moore's The Song of Solomon in the Durham dialect as spoken at St John's Chapel, Weardale [1859]. The range of vocabulary necessarily reflects (only) the text on which the translation is based, but still forms one of the longer examples of dialect prose for Weardale. The terms are largely traditional in form, but note intuv for 'into' and nowse for 'nose'.

a' as - I is/am
aboot - about
ahint - behind
amang - among
atoppa - down onto
bairns - children
bonny - beautiful
bud - but
clivver - skilled: "clivver iv war"
een - eyes: "dove's een", "yan uv thee een"
efter - after
fand - found (pret.)
fegs - figs: "green fegs"
fer - for
finnd - find: "iv ye finnd"
flaid - afraid: "flaid id neat"
fornenst - (opposite, before)
frae - from
gan - go: "wadent let 'in gan"
geane - gone (p.p.): "was geane"
gob - mouth gowld - gold
hingen - hanging
hoose - house intuv - into: intuv his chambers
iv - in: "clivver iv war"
ivery - every
ivery yan - everyone
keyte - belly
kneaf - fist: " his left kneaf"
kwoet - coat (article of clothing)
larn - teach: "whe wad larn mah"
lewk - look
lowe - blaze: "a maist tremendous lowe"
lowpin' - leaping
macks - makes: "thoo macks"
mah - me (acc.)
mah, me - my
maist - mostly: "maist feyne gowld"
mare - more
mudder - mother
naane - none, no one
neat - night
nowght - nothing
nowse - nose
nut - not
oh - all
sall - shall
sangs - songs
seek - sick
shun - shoes slocken - quench
straake - struck (pret.)
sud - should
t' - the
thee - your: "thee flocks"
thoo - you (nominative, vocative)
ud - to the, or of the
unnonder - under: unnonder me heed"
uv - of
waakens - wakes: "me heart waakens"
wadent - wouldn't: "wadent let 'in gan"
watters - waters
wesh'd - washed: "ah've wesh'd me feet"
weshen - washing
whe- who: "whe's she?"
whick - which
wud - with
yan - one: "yan uv thee een"
yets - gates: "at our yets"