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Tommy Armstrong (1848-1920) lived and wrote in the Stanley area of north-west Co.Durham (specifically Tanfield Lea). Some of his best known work was written and performed for fellow miners in the 1880s and 1890s, but may not have been published until considerably later. A full edition was prepared by Ross Forbes in 1987: Polisses and candymen: the complete works of Tommy Armstrong, the pitman poet (Consett: The Tommy Armstrong Trust).

airms - arms
an' - and
'anted - haunted
ard - heard
aw - I: "aw'll tell ye"
awd, aud - old: "an awd cat"
awl - all
aw's - I is/am: "aw's free"
awn - own: "me awn affairs"
axe - ask; axt - asked

bairn[i]e, bairneys - child: "en a little bairne's pot", "stand back ye bairneys"
bairns - children
bank - aboveground at the pit: "aul th' geer wis browt te bank"
bat - to hit: "theyfit en they bat it"
belang - come from: "whare de yea belang?"
beuk - book
beuts - boots: "beuts en shoos"
bide - stay: "aw'll bide at yem", "bide eway if thae'll let ye"
bit - small: "maw bit bairn", "she gave a bit smile"
bobby - policeman
boddom - bottom
bonny - fine: "two bonny black eyes"
bords - birds
borst - burst: "borst oot laffin"
breeks - (?short) trousers
breeth - breath
brick - break: "to brick th' door opin"
brust - burst: "aw cud brust an crie"
buain - bone
buaith - both
bullets - sweets: "bullets en spice"

candymen - bailiff's men: "polisses and candymen met...te torn th' pitmen oot"
cannit - cannot
canny - agreeably: "aw spent en oor an' a half very canny"
a cheet - something false: "thpp's prayen e cheet"
chep - chap: "a terrible chep for drinkin' beer"; "young cheps"
clag - stick: "thoo'l see me clag on te th' skeets"
clais - clothes: "let me heh ma clais". "on we thee clais"
clarts - bits of refuse: "rotten eggs en oranges, clarts en lumps e breed"
clashed - dashed, threw in order ot break: "he clashed him doon"
coup me creels - fall head over heels: "ye wide laft...to see me coup me creels"
cowp - overturn: "cowped is aul iv a heep"
cudint - could not
cum'd - came: "just cum'd oot" cutten - cut: "cutten fuaices"

dee, dae - do: "wat to dee"
dee - die: "he sais he'l dee in Scotland"
deeth - death: "thor's nowt for me but deeth"
deun - done
dinet, dinnet - do not: "dinnet muaik thawsel se fast"
dis - does/do: "his honest workin' men dis disarv e band"
dorsent - dare not: "thae dorsint stop te dark"

e - a: "mony e tyme"
e' - of: "cum oot e' th' way", "short e breeth"
eboot - about
en - and
eneugh - enough
err - year(s): "elivon eer awd"
eftor - after
elivon - eleven
esteed e' - instead of
eway - away
eyes - rhymes with cries

for fairs - for real: "Thinkin thae wor gon for fairs"
fast - fixed, immovable: "let me past...dinnet muaik thawsel se fast"
fettild - made, prepared: "fettild for Stott", "th' tee wis fettiled"
fit - fought: "thae fit freh five o'clock te six"
fleein - flying (about): "skin and hair wis fleein"
flayed - scared: "aw's nearly flayed to deed", "aw's flayed onybody sees me"
flipe - rim, brim: "hats wivoot e flipe"
foaks - people: "wumin foaks", "men fokes en wumen fokes"
forst - first fortnith - fornight
fower - four
fra, frae, freh - from: "not far fra here"
fund - found
fyece, fuaice - face

galawae - pony
gan - go: "to gan alang"
gan - going: "thor's gan to be nowt but pultry it th' next floor show"
gat - got: " he gat up"
gay - cherful: "all hearty and gay"
gear - (pit) equipment: "aul th' geer wis browt te bank"
geen - given: "if he'd geen them a chance"
geten - got (p.p.): "tha wid awl geten bail"; "we adin't getten far eway"
gob - mouth, ?appetite
greet - great: "greet surprise"
grunge - growl: "th' little dogs il grunge en bark"
guain - gone

hard - heard: "aw hard"
hed - have it: "th' dog wadint hed"
heed - head heer'd - hear it
hees - his
hees sel - himself
het - hot: "th' yuven wis het" hev, heh - have
hind - farmworkers: "wen th' hind wis it wark wi his horses and plue"
hippin - nappy cloth: "e bairns' hippin"
hite- eight
hiteen - eighteen
hoo - how
hor - her
hort - hurt (vb)

i' - of: "oot i' bed"
iceshogils - icicles
intiv - into: "intiv a field" ipon - upon: "ipon the rode"
is: "thoo is"
is - as: "be is sharp as ivor thoo can", "is far is thae cud see"
is - us
it - at: "it neets an' mornins", "it a small collry village", "wen th' hind wis it wark"
ivory - every

keeker - surface official who checked hewers' tubs
ken - know: "aw ken...whe thoo is"
keukt - cooked (p.p.)
kin - can (vb)

lairn - teach: "lairn them aul ye can"
laft - laughed
lee - a lie: "th' biggest lee"
lood - loud
loss - to lose, miss: "throo lossen th' tranes"
lowse - untie: "she lows'd her hat"; loose: "th' lowse wheel"
lugs - ears: "the galawae lade hees lugs back"
lyuked - looked

maisor - a phenomenon: "Nanny's a maisor"
maistors - pit owners, bosses: "just te vext th' maistors
marcy - mercy
mare - more
me, ma, maw - my
me sel - myself
mell - a hammer
mind - recall, remember: "aw mind it was warm wethor wen..."
moast - most
mortil drunk - very drunk: "Bob went one neet an' gat mortil drunk"
muaik: make: "thoo'd not muaik fun"; pret. muaid
muck - horseshit: "sum muck that sum e th' horses left lyen on th' rode"

naw - know: "a storee as naw to be true"
nebody - nobody
nebs - beaks: "we thor nebs en thor claws". "the neb iv a duck"
nee - no: "nee doot", "nee gud luck"
neet: night; th' neet - tonight: "hoo glad aw is te goin we ye th' neet"
neether - neither
neeves - fists: "thor neeves wis fleein"
Neucassil - Newcastle
nivor - never
noatissed - noticed
noo - now: "he'll be here just noo" nowt- nothing
nuain - none

ony - any: "ony amaunt e secrets"
oor - hour
ower - over, too: "thoo's ower weel fed"
owt - anything: "owt to say"

pawky - choosy (re food): "thoo's pawky"
polliss - policeman: "the pollisses - Jackson en Jones"
pote - poet
progils - pricles (of a hedgehog)
progily - hedgehog (nickname)

rang - wrong
riddy - ready: awl riddy"
rode - road
roondy coals
roven - torn: "roven off"
rowl - ?cry, howl: "she began to rowl"

sair - sore: "sair we laffin"
sang - a song
sark - slip: "she gat oot i' bed wi nowt but hor sark"
screeners - surface workers who sorted coal by sizes
scringed - grated: "scringed his teeth" se - so: "se fast"
seed - saw
seet - sight: "th' seet wis most exsiten"
Setorday - Saturday
seun - soon
set away - freed: "th' ducks must be awl set away"
shem - shame: "'twis a shem"
shil - shall
shoor - sure, certain: "aw shoor aw will"
sivinty - seventy
skeets - [timber runners in pit shaft]
skeul - school: "get off te skeul"
skilly - [weak porridge]: "Wat is breed en skilly for / But just te muaik ye smaul?"
s'lang as - as long as
slee - sly: "whispered...se slee" sneck - latch
stottin - rebounding, bouncing: "stottin off his heed"
strite - straight: "strite off yem"
sud - should

taity - potato: "taity chopers"
te, ta - to
te - till: "he ran te he wis short e breeth"
tee - too, also: "as wad, tee"
teuk - took teun - taken: "she's teun a fit"
th' - you (acc.sg): "Aw wad knock th' doon" th' - the: "all th' meat"
th' - they: "a place th' call Stanley"
thae, tha - they
thawsel - youself (acc.sg)
thee - your (sg.): "thee beuk en thee slate"
them - those: "them thit wis prisint"
thim - them (acc.pl)
thit - that (conj.)
thoo - you (nom./acc.sg)
thor - their: "thor prairs"
thor's, thar's - there is
thowt - thought (pret.)
thrang - crowd, throng: "mixt up e th' thrang"
thraw - to vomit: "thae started to thraw"
tiv - to: "tiv a hoose", "tive hees sel"
toon - town: "gan to th' toon"
torned - turned: "she torned the lock", "aw torned roond"
tret - treated: "he tret them so kind", "hoo thae ad been tret"
troon - truant: "plade th' troon"
tuaik - take
tuther - other: th' tuther way"

umborel - umbrella
undrid - a hundred: "a undrid cats"

vary - very

wad, wid - would; neg. wadn't, wadint
wark - work "awl kines e wark", "aw went ta wark"
warnd - be sure: "aw warnd thor's e lot not thare", "as warnd thoo think thoo's clivor"
warse - worse
wattor - water
wauken - walking: "oot wauken"
we - with
weel - well
weshed - washed: "weshed away"
whe - who: "aw ken...whe thoo is"
wid - with it winnit - will not
wis - was: he wis comin yem" wite - weight
wor - our: "wor Nan" (wife of speaker)
worsels - ourselves
wussil - whistle: "ard th' wussil blaw"

yance - once: "yance mare aw's free"
ye - you (acc.pl)
yell - whole: "a yell hedgehog"
yem - home: "comin yem", "hees landed yem"
yew - hew: "a man thit hes te yew coals"
yi - you (nom.pl.)
yil - you will
yis - yes
yor - your (sg.)
yuven - oven

yell - whole: "a yell hedgehog"
yem - home: "comin yem", "hees landed yem"
yew - hew: "a man thit hes te yew coals"
yi - you (nom.pl.)
yil - you will
yis - yes
yor - your (sg.)
yuven - oven