"Lets dee away titha Rec. an' hev a gam o' footy there. Cos as sick o' heving mi lugs clipped bi th' nighbers when a gan t' get th' barl fro' their yards. Th' back streets a' ower narra forra propa gam."
"Ars witha burrits a canny hike t' get there an' divvent forget them bigguns we pinched w' barl th' last time an' w' hed t' play wirra tennisy till our Xmas box an' then it was'nt a casey."
"A nar but lets dee away fost thing th'morns mon an' meby we'll gerra lift onna flat cart. Bye th' bye a want'd mi big brotha t' hev a fight wi' the leader o' th' blokes we pincht w' barl. Mi fatha sade not, burree hed a word wu' this lad's fatha wee's a canny chep."

Our youngan we's i' the cubs says 'es gannin t' sleep o' th' floor o' th' club hoos this weekend wen werraway at scout camp.
W've been puttin cuts in fo' we's ganna hannal th' harnd cart, an' mebee two, t' th' scouts camp site. Cos w've got t' tack that much gear what wi' bell tents, poles, pegs an' mallets. Then spades an' screen fo' th' netty an' arl th' cooking pots an' fire grills. Arl th' grund sheets an' palliasses will gan o' th' other cart. A hope t' gerra shaft t' push cos pullin th' ropes at th' front mak y' harnds an' showld's sore an' th's nee swapping arund.
Assumma th' lads canna pay th' scout maista wants them that can t' pay mare so w'can arl gan.

Afore w' gan t' bed an' th' fires damped down ars ganna send a note t' Santa. If mi motha an' fatha 'll help us spell an' a can hev a small piece o' paper arl tell'm wat best gift a want then fowld it tight an hoy it up th' chimla. If it dissent come down e'll hev gorrit. If it diz come down arl try again till it dissent.