Naw rabbits Aa kept
Bonny dutch rabbits
In a shed nigh the hoos,
Snod en' snug.

En' yance en' mair
Losses Aa tholed,
A buck or a doe,
Foxes, Aa jalous'd.

Seea Aa keek'd i' the winter -
Tracks Aa fand,
A sign of a paw
Clear i' the hap o' snaa.

Aa axt a gam-keeper,
Telled me hoo
Aa cud fettle a snare,
Gud fer foxes.

Seea Aa set up a poke
Thor by the dike
Ti see eftor fengin'
Hungry reivers.

Well, the mornin' Aa fand
Summat strugglin'
Like a mad soul i' the sack
Greetin' en' yowlin'.

It woz spunky as owt,
Gert big wild'un,
En' its claws ye cud see
Rivin' thru the sackin'.

Aa caal'd this gam-keeper
'How, man, looka noo!'
He sez, 'Wella, that's queer,
That's nae fox, man.

'Ye'd best garr it droon
Afore it briks free!'
Seea Aa thrust it ina tub
Kep' it well unner.

Then we had a keek,
Nae fox that wor
But a spankin' gert cat,
Wild-cat, properly ti say.

Fer the caad garr'd him bowd,
Worse nor any fox
Fierce like some bear
Brindled en' sharp-gobbed.

En' the rabbits Aa kep'
Bonny dutch rabbits
Wor safe ivor efter,
Aal the winter lang.