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A selection of terms appropriate to the North from the editions by Warren Ginsberg (Kalamazoo, Michigan: Medieval Institute Publications, 1992) and by M.Y.Offard (EETS vol.246, 1959). The place of composition of this poem is unknown: Offard suggests the North Midlands, but it could well be Yorkshire. In either case, the vocabulary "contains a fair number of words, both of native and of Norse origin, which appear to be distinctively North" (Offard p.xxiv).

aughte - possessed: "Alle Inglande he aughte at his awn will"
braste - burst: "the blode braste owte appon bothe the sydes"
brosten - break: "Brosten the bones and brekyn thaym in sondire"
busk - to cover, camouflage: "Bothe my body and my bowe I buskede with leves"
cowpe - wrestle: And see a kene knyghte come and cowpe with myselven"
cowshote - dove: "cukkowe, the cowschote, kene were thay bothen"
dolven - buried: "And be thou dolven and dede thi dole "
dynges - knocks, beats: "Dethe dynges one my dore, I dare no lengare byde"
fellys - hills: "And thay, forfrayede of his fare, to the fellys thay hyen"
fetils - arranges, settles: "And ferkes faste to hir fourme and fetils hir to sitt."
filmart - pole-cat: "The foxe and the filmarte thay flede to the erthe"
flyte - dispute: "flyte we no lengare"
fonnes - fools about: "Felowe, be my faythe thou fonnes full yerne"
garte - made (to happen): And garte Genyone goo that erande that grevede thaym alle"
gatis - gates, doors: "While hym the gatis were yete and yolden the keyes"
gaynly - readily: "Gatte gude and golde full gaynly to honde"
graythede - arranged: "I grippede owte the guttes and graythede thaym besyde"
haulse - throat: "And the hede and the haulse"
kest - cast: "Kest up that keuduart and kutt of his tonge"
krag - rock, ravine, cave: "There he was crepyde into a krage and crouschede to the erthe."
lappyn - enfold: "With ladys full lovely to lappyn in myn armes"
layke - sport: "Alle my layke hade bene loste that I hade longe wayttede"
layke hym - amuse himself: "And he that thou leste luffes schall layke hym therewith"
lowppes - leaps: "Lowppes in thaire lesses thorowe vertwells of silvere"
mekyll - much: "men of mekyll myghte"
menskfully - neatly, delicately: "His axles and his armes were iliche longe / And in the medill als a mayden menskfully schapen"
monethe - month: "In the monethe of Maye"
more - moorland: "And ther Sir Mordrede hym mett by a more syde"
pappis - breasts: "my lady with pappis full swete"
stourre - general fight: "I was als everrous in armes as outher of youreselven / And as styffe in a stourre one my stede bake"
nesse - ?nose: "wylde swyne that wyse bene of nesse."
rygge - backbone: "Rent up fro the rygge reghte to the myddis"
stirkes - [heifer, etc.]: "Of stiewardes, of storrours, stirkes to bye"
stot - to jerk: "And he stotayde and stelkett and starede full brode"
throstil - thrush: "throstills full throly threpen in the bankes"
thrynges - presses: "For there Sir Porus the prynce into the prese thrynges"
wag - shake: "wagging of the leves"
yape - wild, silly: "While I was yonge in my youthe and yape of my dedys"

and yape of my dedys"