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NEWCASTLE WORDS C19/1 (via John Bell)

Drawn the from Songs from the Manuscript Collection of John Bell ed. D.I.Harker (Surtees Society, vol.196, 1983/84 - an edition of Newcastle University MS Bell/White 3). Dating via watermarks. Items in Bell's hand may date to ca. 1830, those in James Telfer's to the 1840s, some earlier items are individually dated... 'Glossed' refers to notes supplied by Dave Harker.

"aw ran ahint an auld tree" p.167ca.1805
"he bann'd and he swore" p.211. ?1830s
"they'll find theirsells wrang / if they think they can bang...the bonny Gatesiders" p.29. ca.1812
"heaps of baby bodies" p.158, ca.1814
"who for base actions bears the bell" p.1 ca.1813
"you're welcome says Geordie come ben" p.220. 1840s
"wha comes to our biggin but Pattie" p.217. C19/1
"like chaff afore a blaw" i.e. wind. p.189. 1816
"right into my bed she went for fear of the bogle bo" i.e. ghost. p.210. 1840s
"weel drest in a braw new coat" p.220. 1840s
"we shall hae brose aneugh" p.221. 1840s
"this is my brent brow" p.205. ca.1816
"now te fairly act the boggle / and flay folk weel" p.62. ca.1814
"to hinder a spark gettin on ti wur breaks / we mun jump into hackney coaches" p.171. ca.1825
"I...bussed the poor silly lasses" p.194. 1810s
"he gaed but and ben O" of a tailor sewing, or of intercourse. p.209. 1840s
"the carle he followed me" p.208. 1840s
"she's bought him a cleading fine" p.206, glossed as 'clothing'. 1830s
"and knocking the coup of[f] a cart they laid the concern [i.e.coffin] on the shafts" p.176. C19/1
"cracker hole" p.206, glossed as 'arse-hole'. ca.1816
"then I went dothering away / and...into the Queen's Head did stagger" p.194. 1810s
"yon mannie...se douse and canny" (glossed as 'respectable') p.166. 1810s.
"danc'd as weel as they dow'd" glossed as 'could'. p.217. C19/1
"but dowly news to tell, wor canny Nelson fell" p.31. 1805
"furnaces se dunny" p.158, ca.1814
"pitmen are...black about the een" p.199. 1810
"neither cowd nor flaid we'ill be" p.189. 1816
"a groat a fother is owr dear" p.83, ca.1806
"cauld deed with her gab wide open" p.176. C19/1
"we'ill gar them au afore us flee" p.189. 1816
"I think it is very good play / to sweep up the nice yellow geordies" p.120 ca.1811
"O Gotham's seat of dire alarms" i.e. Newcastle. p.20. 1794
"the bonny Gatesiders" p.28. ca.1812
"while the gimmers bleat and baw" p.113. ca.1828
"glyming...e'en right, an' e'en left" p.29. ca.1812
"Aw'll...make his nose bloody / if he sets up his gob to Bob Cranky" p.124. ca.1812
"as I gae'd out to ser the gryce" p.208. 1840s
"canny Teamgut" - mouth of R. Team. p.94. C19/1
"with hack and shool" i.e. mining tools. p.84. ca.1806
"the hikeing made me very waugh"
"he is sweet as a hinny" p.202. 1830s
"new shin splints and new hoggars too" re pitmen. glossed by DH as wooden shin-guards and stockings. p.89. 1800s.
"when hewin in hoggers and drawers" p.124. ca.1812
"white as a kirk wall" p.189. 1816
"at length came on the shearing out [end of reaping] which some call win the kirn" p.121. cca.1811
"kiv aw..." p.160. ca.1814
"has lairn'd our lads and lassies a [j]igg" p.212. 1820s
"glass hooses aw lowin" p.159. ca.1814
"the maals begun their reels" (girls) p.157. ca.1814
"this man be" (must) p.158. ca.1814
"Come, marrows,drink and be merry" p.28. ca.1812
"a pair of shoes / to mense her to the kirk" p.84. ca. 1806
"in our town's been mickle strike" p.188. 1816
"as big maist as its minny" p.158. ca.1814
"as soon as they grew nappy / they danc'd" glossed as 'tipsy'. p.217. C19/1
"wiv th' ring it had iv its neb" re a pig. p.94. 1816
"Aw'll mump, rap, and nevel his chops" p.124. ca.1812
"nens'd a'd Lizy Moodies" p.158. ca.1814
"ma wife payd ma till aw was sare" p.168. ca.1805
"[the waggoner] with his pockett full o money / and his poke full o hay" p.202. 1830s
"a puss must needs be got" (hare) [.148. 1802
"raff merchants" i.e. timber merchants. p.67. ca.1813
"that'ill be plenty of brew / sa lang as our well is no reisted" glossed as '?dried up'. p.217. C19/1
"our hams is a wee thing reistit" p.221. 1840s
"mairch through whins, sairwhoals, an deep sykes" p.29. ca.1812
"aw ruffler sarks...as fine an as white as the snaw" p.168. ca.1805 "A'm nyen o' your scarters and clawers" (re hewing) p.124. ca.1812
"ye niver saw the church se scrudged" p.157. ca.1814
"to Wallington by the seevy sike" p.173. ?C18/2
"wiv his seller in his hand" i.e. silver. p.202. 1830s
"as brittle as a shoggle" p.62. ca.1814
"a the quay / to me seemd shuggy showing" p.157. ca.1814
"they'll batter 'im...an' skelp 'im" p.30. ca.1812
"smack'd their yel" (tasted) p.158. ca.1814
"Gods blissing on thy sonsy saul" p.189. 1816
"we'll a' soom or sink" p.30. ca.1812
"he speard at him his wages" p.109. 1840s
"th' spletter" glossed as 'air splitter, pit ventilation worker' p.124. ca.1812
"as cross as onny steg" p.65. ca.1814
"ye'll get your e'en aw full of stour, man" p.172. ca.1825
"wor geordies now we thrimmel out" p.158. ca.1814
"the lass is till the coal pit gen" p.84. ca.1806
"the man with the wame" p.167. 1810s. "there's nyen can loup better owre whick-dykes" p.29. ca. 1812
"they'll give 'im his whyengs weel" i.e. will flog. p.30. ca.1812
"like farden wow se warsh" i.e. beer. p.32. 1805
"it man cause some yucking" p.159. ca.1814