When Aa woz grawn
an' wed Mary
in the Spring of 1877
we moved ti Murton
wi'a cart en a pony ti pull it
piled wi' a bed, chairs, cupboards, some bits carpet,
   en pots en pans, en wor fower bairns.

Aal the way
frev Easington Lane
thor wez dog-rose i' the dyke
an fields
an also sum few gipsies wad camp thor -
we wadnut trust them lot nut ti steal our fower bairns!

Nevvy Tom
showed us the way.
The new house
hed rooms up en doon:
Thor woz a flagged kitchen en a parlour fit fer a nempress
En upstairs a bedroom of thor ahn fer the fower bairns.

Seea we unloaded
an hed some tea,
like cahd rabbit en bread,
then he sed:
"Thoo's nut gannen ti wark down belaw. Aa wisht Aa
   cud get a job at bank an' aal, but then Aa's nae gud
   at figurin'...."
Aye, Aa'll wark above the groond naw, praise-god,
   en Aa whope the fower bairns dee en aal.