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The idea is to build up a fuller picture of what words were used when and where (and by whom and to whom), over the centuries. By checking word distribution (not only by place but by time - for new words come in and older ones fall out of use) - it should be possible to construct a 3-D picture, as it were, of dialect development in our region.


The lists include material from published dictionaries and glossaries, usually in an abbreviated form. Other lists are drawn from published texts by noting dialect forms as they occur. Current lists have been sent in by members of the DTDG and others interested in our project: some of these were based on a questionnaire (2001) containing some 350 common terms; others were set down from memory without any template. Evidence for word use and distribution in the 20th century is especially useful, as there has been relatively little dialect in print during the last 50-100 years, and less research.


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You are welcome to send in your own word list for inclusion here. You could make it by going through examples here and noting which words apply to you and your area, or make an independent list from scratch. The details we need are: 1. the dialect form of the word, 2. its meaning, 3. a phrase or sentence showing the use of the word, it possible. In all cases, please tell us what town or area your words refer to, and an indication of the date the words were in use, from your own experience e.g. 1950s, or 'before 1977 when I left Co.Durham' , or mid 20th century.... Dinnut foregt to add your name and contact details (let us know if you do not want name to appear online).