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A short list drawn the from the pocket guide, Irish-English, English-Irish compiled by Niklas Miller (London: Abson Books, 1982). As many Scots were 'planted' in Northern Ireland, examples below are usually Scottish-Irish rather than Gaelic-Irish.

ahint - behind
bley - grey, ashen looking
boke - vomit
brave - good
buroo- dole, unemployment
clart - untidy persom
clock - beetle
cowp - overturn
crack - entertainment
creel - basket; whicker barrier
drouthy- thirsty, parched
duncher - flat cap
fernenst, fornint - opposite; in front of
gauger - excise man
hoke - to rummage
ignorant - rude
japped - splashed (with mud) etc.
juke - to look furtively at; to get out of, avoid
oxter - armpit
poke - cone; ice cream cornet
red up - tidy up, put in order
sauncy - lively, jolly (girl)
hit someone skyte - hit
speel - clamber, climb
you suit your long hair - your hair suits you long
wains - children (small)