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This list is processed from Harry Haldanes' pamphlet Geordie's Last (Newcastle Folk Speech) with rhyme and introductory notes (2nd edition, Newcastle: The Daily Journal, 1879), a short text comprising introductory notes, dialect prose and some dialect poems.
Haldane seems to be writing in the dialect of Howdon near North Shields ("But Aa've alwys thout - for'ts the place Aa hev grow'd in - thor's nee place like Howdon"), at a point of transition that allows both 'dinna' and 'divvent'...

Aa - I (pronoun): "Aa's about reet". "The sound indicated by a double 'a'...is invariably written 'aw'. This to the ordinary Egnlish reader woudl stand for the sound as heard in claw, and it is awkwardly misleading..." (p.11)
aad - old: 'coal wis nowt but aad trees an' things'
aaful - awful: 'it's an aaful job!' (of a disaster)
airm - arm [noun]
aal - all: 'aal aboot stones an' what not'
aan - own: 'in his aan way'
Aa's sure - I'm sure
Aa's warned - I warrant
'Where is aa?'
abeun - above: 'thor's the day leet abeun'
about - pronounced aboot
afore - before: 'Summic you didn't knaa afore'; 'as Aa sed afore'
aix - axe; 'a choppin aix'
aaltegither - altogether
amang - among
'at - that: 'ony o' them 'at's been there'
av - of: 'boilers av dimensions'
ax - ask: "we mun ax Geordie"; 'the forst queshtin axed'
aye - yes

back ower - backwards
backy - tobacco
bairn - child: 'his wife an' bairn'
bank - on surface at pit: 'iv a heap like coals at bank'
bear - pronounced be-ar
belly wark - stomach-ache
beuk - book
beyth - both
bi, biv - by: 'on the road biv hissel'
bit: 'his bit better claes', 'wor bits o' cares'
blaas - blows: 'the wind blaas caad, man'
bonny - good to view: 'bonny scrubbin' stone', 'wor bonny Tyne';
bought - pronounced bowt
brickin' - breaking [trans]
brocken - broken: 'Aa think me neck's brocken'
browt - brought

caad - cold: 'hoo het an' hoo caad'
caation - caution, something amazing
caals - calls
cabbish - cabage
cam - came: 'cam in'
canna - cannot: 'they canna wait a tide'
canny - excellent: 'that canny creetur' [wife]
canny body: 'sic a canny body for a wife as Fanny'
capped - improved on: 'a good story capped'
'cas - because
cheor - cheer: 'What cheor, hinny!' (greeting)
cheps - chaps: 'yen o' the cheps'; 'another o' wor cheps' (workforce)
chimley - chimney
chocked - choked: 'chocked up wi' dort'
clagged - stuck: 'clagged tegither wi' summat'
clarts - muck: 'as clear as clarts'
clivvor - clever
corse - curse [vb]; [noun]: 'the corse o' greed'
cowped: 'he tummelt an' fair cowpt his creels back ower'
crack - a chat: 'a crack ower his glass o' beer'
cracket - stool: 'a cracket for the bairn'
croon - crown: 'hat croon'
cuek - cook: 'he' ye torned cuek, Geordy lad?'

dad - father
dandered - dawdled?: 'dandered alang'
davered - 'wis thor ivvor see a davered feul?'
day leet - daylight
dee - do: 'nowt te dee'
dee - die: 'he wis deein' '
deun - done: 'Aa wad he' deun 't '
dinna - do not: 'dinna put it on see strang'
dis - does: 'thoo dis leuk caad tho' '
div - do: 'Aye, div Aa'
divvent - don't: 'Aa divvent knaa'
doon - down: 'up an' doon like a clock'
doot - suspect, think: 'wor life sure is ne joke, whativvor we may doot'
dort - dirt
dowie [for dowly?] - miserable: 'the dowie road ti Shields'
drop: 'his wife bustled aboot to get his drop tea'
drouth - thirst: 'wad he' slockened ony bit drouth 'at he might a had'
drucken - drunk, intoxicated: 'Mind! he wesn't drucken'
dunched - jogged: 'somebody dunched his airm'

eers - years: 'these mony eers'
eltho - although
eneugh, aneuf - enough
elways - always
ettled - tried: 'a machine Aa ettled to meyk mesel'
exacly - exactly

faals - falls
fethers - fathers: 'wor fethers afore mevvies wes'nt see wise'
fettlin' on - busy: 'he's elways fettlin' on wi summic or another'
feul - fool: 'Aa is a feul'
feyce - face
flaid - afraid, scared: 'Aa wis flaid o' yor commin heym on a streker, killed or maimed'
fledgers - 'Aa'm sure we're nee fledgers'
fond - foolish: 'his fond neet's wark'
fornaces - furnaces
forst - first
fower - four
fre - from: 'different fre'
frev - from: 'frev clock makin tiv 'lectricity'
fund - found [pret]
funnin - joking: 'he wis ony funnin'

gannin' - going: 'gannin' oot'
gans - goes: 'if a nevigator gans roond, he comes up 'i the seym pleyce ageyn', 'young Geordy wad gan te sea'
gat - got: 'gat hyem'
getten, gettin - got (p.p.): 'when they'd getten vex'd or owt'
geuse - goose
gi's - give us
gob - ready speech: 'mair gob'
greet - great: 'a greet laugh', 'still thor wis greet gaps left'
growed - grew: 'the bairn, tee, growed', 'for'ts the place Aa hev growed in'
gyen - gone (p.p.)

haadin; - holding: 'haadin' on'; hads - holds [verb]
hadden - had [p.p.]: 'if he'd hadden twee wooden legs'
hard - heard: 'Aa's hard o' him afore'
havered : 'Aa've havered on for 'oors...'
he', hev - have
heed - head
heed wark - headache
hes - has: 'he hes'
het - hot: 'hoo het an' hoo caad'
heuk - hook: 'haads yen's heart fast like a heuk'
heuk'd - hooked
hinny - dear friend: 'Noo, Geordy hinny...'
hint - hinder: 'at the hint end'
hissel - himself
hoo - how: 'hoo time flies!'
hooivvor - however
hoose - house hough: 'crucked wor houghs'
'How there!'...'How there, ageyn,' ses the chep
howcks - dredges up: 'the big dredgers that howcks oot the muck' [from the Tyne]

in-by: 'when the fore shift wis gan in-by'
injins - (steam) engines
iv - in: "iv a fix"
ivvory - every: 'ivvory noo an' then'

jaad - jawed: 'jaad an' taaked'
jenny hoolet - owl: 'Geordy's feyce just as solemn like as a jenny hoolet'

ken - know: 'he kend fine 'at...' (that...)
knaa - know: 'Summic you didn't knaa afore'; 'thoo knaas mair aboot it', 'dear knaas'

laffed - laughed: 'laffed tiv hissel'
larned - learned: 'when Aa larned mair'
leesh - fit: 'gan oot tiv his wark, leesh an' fresh', 'leeshest an' strangest'
light - pronounced leet
leuk - look: "Leuk ye, see ye!", 'to leuk at'
loup oot - jump out, disembark: 'maa hinnies, loup oot!'
lowse - loose, loosened: 'wiv his tongue lowse a bit' [from drink]

maa - my: 'maa hat'
maffle - to confuse: ' 'twad maffle ony ferryman'
mafflin - wandering (mentally): 'like a mafflin aad man'
mair - more
maist - most: 'Aa nivver maist seed owt like it'
maist - almost: 'till maist yen o'clock'
maized - bewildered: 'maized an' blank, man'
mak' - make: 'Wey ye owt te knaa, an' thor's mony a yen wad mak ye knaa'; 'Aa've...tewed te mak it oot'
man: 'Man, Bob, but Aa tell the' ', 'But, man, he's nowt o' that kind'
manish - manage: 'as at hard a pace as he could manish'
marciful - merciful
marrow - match: 'thor isn't a hoose ony way can marrow 't '
me - my
med - made
mense - sound sense: 'thor's some hes been te skeul, an' still gets ne mair mense'
mevvies, mebbe, mevvy - maybe
mind - recall: 'Aa mind yen day i' partiklar', 'he could mind nowt o' last neet'
mony - many
morth - mirth
mun - must: 'we mun ax Geordie', 'Aa mun tell ye', 'Aa mun toddle hyem'
myeks - makes

nee - no: 'but nee use'
neebody - nobody
neet - night: 'last neet'
neym - name
nyen - none: 'nyen the better', 'neyn see young'
nivver - never
noo - now: 'noos an' thens'
nor - than: 'thoo knaas mair aboot it nor ony o' them', 'nowt better nor het watter'
notished - noticed: 'Aa've notished often'
nowt - nothing - 'coal's nowt but cabbish staaks an' tatie peelins'
nowther - neither: 'nowther rhyme nor reason'

on - of: 'the lot on us'
ony - any
ony, oney - only: 'that's the ootside on't ony'
'oors - hours
oot - out
ought (pronounced owt) - anything
ower - over
owther - either

pairt - part: 'for maa pairt'
partick'ler - particular
pet - dear one, wife: 'maa pet'
pictur: '...his hoose... it' s pictur!'
pollis - a policeman: 'Aa slipped oot an' fund a pollis'
pote - poet
prood - proud
putten - put [p.p.]: 'thoo's been sair putten oot this neet'

queshsin, queshtin - question [noun]

R - "The Northumbrian growls it out from the bottom of his throat" (p.9)
raa - terrace of houses: 'half the Raa'
reed - red: 'wiv a reed cap on', 'eyes reed wi cryin' '
reet - right: 'the reet lingo', 'Geordy was reet', 'thoo's aboot reet', 'reet as a tripet'
roond - round

saa - saw
sair - sorely: 'a sair deun tinker's donkey'
sartin - certain
say'd - said
school - pronounced skeul
scraffle - scramble: 'what ivvor set me to scraffle inte that waggon?'
see - so: 'wadn't be see far wrang if he did say see'
seuner - sooner
seed - saw 'Aa nivver seed owt like it'
seet - sight: 'what a seet he wis noo!'
sel - self: 'some thinks o' nowt but sel'
shouther - shoulder
shutten - shooting: 'shutten galleries'
sic - such: 'he had sic a laugh in him when owt tickled him'
siccan - such: 'an siccan like'
sin' - since [of time]
skeul - school
smittal - contagious: 'its smittal when owt new o' that kind's started'
sewerly - surely
slockened - quenched: 'wad he' slockened ony bit drouth 'at he might a had'
smaall - small
sneck - latch: 'his hand wis on the door sneck'
snow - pronounced snaa
splet - split (p.p.)
stob - post: 'as fond as a stob'
stor - commotion: 'what a stor mun he' been at his disappearance'
stowlen - stolen
strang - strong studden - stood [p.p.]: 'he could he' studden owt better nor this'
sud - should: 'neebody sud drink watter'
summic, summat - something: "tell you summic"

ta - you (nom.s.): 'how is ta?'
taak - talk: 'taakin aboot...'
taakin fond - talking nonsense
taaky - talkative: 'a taaky chep'
taken - taking: 'taken't all in'
tatie - potato: 'tatie peelins'
te - to
tee - also
tegither - together
telt - told: 'he's telt us mony a time...', 'he telt me to gan hyem'
teun - tune
teun - taken: 'he leuked see teun back'
teuth wark - toothache
tew'd - struggled: 'Aa've... tewed te mak it oot wiv mony an anxious thout'
teyk - take: 'sit an' teyk aal in'
the' - you (acc.sg.): 'Aa hev the kettle boilin ready for the' ', 'Man, Bob, but Aa tell the' '
thereckely - directly: 'she'll be dry thereckely'
thonder - over there: 'torn off thonder'
thoo - you (nom.sg.): 'thoo sud he' gyen'
thor - those: 'yen or [sic] thor men o' war'
thor - they are, they're: 'thor wiser nor thor dads noo, the lads o' bonny Tyne'
thor - there;
thorsels - themselves
thowt - thought (verb)
thrang - occupied: 'he wis varry thrang wi' summic'
thrawn - thrown
thy - pronounced thaa
till - to: 'till his wife at heym'
tiv - to: 'frev clock makin tiv 'lectricity'
tiv - to: 'tiv him'
toon - town (Newcastle)
torned - turned: 'torned roond'
tume - empty: 'a tume backy fob'
twee - two
twisty - 'Where aal the twisty, twiney, bad-tempered aad beggars come frev 'at gets puttin' inti cabins beats me!'

varra - very
a vast - a great deal: 'he's a vast aader nor he leuks'

waak - walk: 'a bit waak tiv hissel'
wabbled - wobbled
wad - would
waked - woke: 'next mornin he waked up'
wark - 'sets hissel away at his wark'
warse - worse: 'gettin warse and warse'
watter, wetter - water
weel - well [adv]
wesn't - wasn't
wey - why: ''Wey,' ses Geordie...'
whattan - what, which: 'Aa mun find oot...whattan road Aa' gannan'
whe - who: 'I dinna care whe he is'
whiles - sometimes
wi' - with
winnet: will not, won't: 'Aa winnet'
wis - was: "it wiz"
wiv - with
wivoot - without
wor - our
wor - we're, we are
wrang - wrong: 'nowt cam wrang te Geordy'
wrout - worked: 'Geordy wrout hard'. 'Aa've thrawn away ivvery hard wrout ha-ppenny Aa had!'

ye - you (acc.pl) yen - one: 'yen o' wor hewers'
yence - once
yetlin' - pot: 'away he gans te the fire an' lifts off the yetlin' boilin' an' steamin' '
yett - gate, stile: 'he saa him clim ower a yett'
yor - your