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GEORDIE 2003 - Diana Briscoe's WIcked Geordie English (London 2003)

Despite its title, this is a perfectly respectable word list, in two parts (Geordie-English, English-Geordie), with the usual mix of current and interesting-but-obsolete dialect words that a local user has come to expect. As standard lexis is well covered elsewhere on this site, the examples selected here are of less usual terms and/or meanings - occasionally a (?) is added where the meaning given in the book does not match expetations from other sources.

aad fashint - old-fashioned
arrain - rain (?) (compare arrain - spider)
ta arroar (?) - to roar
ayont - behind

ta back ower - to return
bad-weather geordie - cockle seller
bagie - belly (?) (compare bagie - turnip, kite - belly)
bait box, can, poke - something to carry food to work
bannock - thick cake of oat, barley or pease meal
beastie - small animal
billy - companion
binno - bt this time, by now
birkie - smart fellow
blackie - blackbird
ta blain - to cry, whimper (?) (compare 'to blair')
bobbly ground - bumpy pitch (football)
bonny lad - handsome man
ta bool - to walk
brahma - excellent, perfect
brockle - uncertain, fragile, precarious
bully - brother, comrade
bummler box - small house
buzzem - broom made of twigs

cakhouse - toilet
cakky - crap, animal or human waste
cheor - popular greeting
choller - double chin
chucky - willy
claver - gossip
clootie ball - ball made with rags and used by children as a football
cob - loaf of bread
cocked - drunk
ta cod - to lie, to pretend (?) (same as 'to kid'?)
colley - lamplighter
contraband - cigarettes, pipe, matches or lighter used for smoking (miners' slang)
crut - underground incline
cuddy - donkey, pony, horse cuddy - stupid
cuty-breed - un-cut loaf of bread

ta dang - to strike violently
datalling - odd jobbing
Dell - Devil
ta ding - to strike
ta dint - to remove part of the mine floor which has lifted
dog-loup - narrow strip of ground between two houses only wide enough for a dog to pass
donsie - unlucky
dowie - depressed
dozzle - unburned tobacco left in a pipe after it has been smoked
ducks - faggots (meat balls)

faallen wrang - become pregnant
ta fadge - to eat together
fenkle - bend or corner
flag - flag sandstone used as roofing tiles
flam - lie, untruth
footrunner - professional sprinter
foy - fee, reward
fretish - cold

ganzie - thick wollen jersey, especially worn by fishermen
ganzunder - champer pot
gee - stubbornness; taking offence
gilif - sudden fright
grayne - clan or family
grosser - gooseberry (?) (compare grozer)
guessing-story - conundrum or riddle

hacka - someone who commits a serious foul in football
haggis meat - minced pieces of tripe
hanstorn - work
harle - heronry (?)
wor hoose - home
ta hut - to heap up

ill-fard - ugly looking
inatween - between

jill - half-pint
jye - crooked

keek - soup (?)
keep the sump away - leave plenty of space for drainage in a wet coal seam
kelter - money

ta lay - to stop
lolly - tongue

ta mask - to infuse tea
moongin - moaning, grumbling
ta myek - to make

oot back - outside toilet

pack - shepherd's private herd which he grazed in return for his work
panhaggert, panhagglety - meal made from potatoes, onions and grated cheese
parkin - cake made of treacle and oatmeal
penny gaft - cheap cinema matinee
poke-puddin' - pudding boiled in a bag
prog - half a wooden clothes peg sharpened to a point, used for making mats

raaf - timber, odds and ends
riving and chewing - tearing and pulling (coal)
roondy (coal) - lumps of coal 4-8 inches across
ta rozzel - to heat over a fire

samidge - sandwich
scranchum - gingerbread baked in thin wafers...
scunner - fancy
ta scunner - to grimace (?)
shift - shirt
skeet - shoe
skyet-gob - fish-face
slop - policeman
sna'ball draw - lottery in a working men's club (using numbered balls)
snadgee - swede (vegetable)
snap - snack (usually sandwiches)
snicket - short connection road in a mine
snob - shoemaker
Spuggies' meeting - seance; Spiritualists' meeting
stangies - tailors
stewmer - tearaway, minor criminal
swanky - strong young man

tagareen man - scrap dealer
tashin' - on the look-out for girls
tatty - matted
tea cloot - tea towel
telly-pie - tell-tale, magpie
tommy noddy - puffin; also applies to dwarfs
toot 'n oot - keeping a lookout
tormit - turnip
tundish - funnel
ta twank - to punish with strap or cane

understrapper - underling

vennel - narrow lane, also a drain

well-fard - good looking
wig - tea-cake

yark - heavy blow
yelhoose - pub