DRUMLY means:

1. podgy, tending to fat
2. loud, rhythmic
3. wet and muddy


1. a dandelion
2. a Northumbrian dance
3. a water bed

TIPCAT means:

1. a game with a stick and a ball
2. a cartoon character
3. a device for getting the cat off your favourite chair

LEEMERS means:

1. animals peculiar to the Great North Forest
2. ripe nuts
3. people who live in Leamside Junction

BANWARD means:

1. a daisy
2. improper use of reverse gear
3. the bit of the hospital where they set bones

SKUGG means:

1. a Scottish football fan
2. to drink lager from a pot with a handle
3. to hide or conceal


1. a stray goose
2. a trip out
3. a signpost

PLUKES means:

1. pimples
2. wrong notes on a guitar
3. insides of a chicken


1. lingo of High Spen
2. a railway bridge
3. licorice

TROON means:

1. a trowel
2. a wooden spoon
3. trousers

STEG means:

1. a cave-dweller
2. a male goose
3. a stump

ELDIN means:

1. old age
2. firewood
3. a Newcastle square

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