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guisers, Sunderland

"...An' scuse me, when aw wis there,
They bottl'd up maw tawk, sor.
Not oney that they'll keep it fresh
For futor ginoraishins"

Chater's Illustrated Annual, 1885, p.8



sing along to:

'The Lambton Worm'

'Bobby Shaftoe'

'Wet Weshin Day'

'The Putter'

'The Blaydon Races'

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Connie Pickard (Leadgate) reading Tommy Armstrong's 'Trimdon Grange Explosion'

Ken Green (Gosforth) reading his poem 'Susan'

Gwen Hobson (Jarrow) reading extract from Edward Chicken's 'Pitman's Wedding'

David James (Brancepeth Colliery) on iron pyrites in the mine

Frank Fawcett on marbles, re Jesmond 1910

Donna Hill (Hylton) - 'The cauld lad of Hylton Castle'

John Patrickson (Dawdon Colliery) - crab fishing

Daniel Swan (Parkside, Seaham) - fishing in Seaham

Allen Crawford (Stanley) - Tommy Armstrong

Dave Bowen (Darlington) - The Lengthman

spring flowers (F.M., Ashington)

the sneck game (Durham City)

Dave Bowen (Darlington) - hog

Meg Stephenson (North Shields) - Family Holiday

Gordon Patrickson (Seaham) - the tale of a candle

John Williams (Haswell) - a pit ghost

John Williams (Haswell) - pit ponies

Gordon Patrickson (Seaham) - walking the returns

James Richardson (Easington Colliery) - Xmas presents

Charles Trelogan (New Herrington) - down the lonnin

Weardale - extract from Wm Eggleston read by Alan Rutherford

Jack Smith age 94 (Hendon) - talking to Nat Sutheran in 1974

Jack Smith (continued)

 b u i l d  a  d i c t i o n a r y !

 s e n d  us  a  p o e m !

 m o r e  a b o u t  u s

 d i a l e c t  w o r d l i s t s

 d i a l e c t  l i t e r a t u r e

 l i n k s

 o n  d i a l e c t

 p u b l i c a t i o n s

 h y e m