The Pilot's Lot - by John Stobbs

Part Two

Pull away there, my lads - jump aboard of that offside ship and make the end of that line fast foríd - wheís that awd man coming foríd to interfere wií the men? I say, you awd fellow, cannot you let them make the line fast? Never mind the awd fyul, my clever fellows - I wonder to see two young fellows run away up the rigginí for an awd man like that - you obstinate awd fyul ye, if I come aboard to you Iíll pull that hairy cap off your head. Iíve seen a vast of obstinate awd men like you, but I never saw such an obstinate awd man as that before. Cannot you let the men make the line fast now? If youíll put off that hairy coat of yours, Iíll come aboard and fight you in your shirt-sleeves like a man -
Whisht, pilot, pilot; donít you see itís a bear?
O! itís a bear, isít! I never thowt a bear was owt like that. Are you sure itís a bear? Oh! then I warrant you it is a bear.

read by Tom RIchardson