The Pilot's Lot - by John Stobbs

Part One

Claw your foretop-garnsail up and stow it: you boys, jump up and stow it. Look sharp, lad, what are ye gawn crawlin’ up the riggin’ that way for? Aw shoor aw dinnot knaw what the lads are gettin’ to now. Where do ye get your lads?
It’s the owner’s son.
[Aside] O it’s the owner’s son. Aw didn’t knaw it was the owner’s son. [Aloud] There’s a canny little lad gawn up the riggin look’e. Aw shoor but he is a clever little lad that, gans up like a rat. Mind dinnot be in ower great a hurry, maw canny little fellow - mind keep haud...

read by John Stobbs & Glyn Davison


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