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Joan Taylor Phillips, Cullercoats, C20

Joan Phillips has always lived in Cullercoats; her word list includes sayings of her mother and grandmother, part of the local fishing community

Wigs teacakes
Nammies turnips
Spuggies sparrows
Femmer fragile
Uggen stinking e.g. of bad fish
Ket cheap sweets
Niffy-naffs small cakes, sweet tasty things to eat
Gummerils / bishel-heeds / snoring paddocls silly, stupid, stubborn young men
Vine pencil
Cooty short
Pooty small [?pretty]
Ower-finninst opposite
Ower-glowering overlooking
Clarty muddy
Claggy- sticky
A sorfit a nuisance
A pishey a sly, lying woman
A greet hoyt - a big clumsy girl
Physog face
By gyell [hard 'g'] by gum / by jingo
Get a gliff get a shock
To take the gee [hard 'g'] machinery to go wrong / person to take the huff
To red up tidy the house
To bray to hit someone
To dadd ya jaars hit someone on the chin
Skelp ya backside hit a chld on the bottom
To hoy oot - to yhrow out
Ee hoy and aal kep you throw and I'll catch
A pee-dee a small woman
Under the braddish under the stairs
A canny body a pleasant woman
To get the smit become infected
She's bad she's poorly
She's not very clever she's not very well
Am all te flinders don't feel well
A cannot pow eaten too much, cannot move
A warned you've had your tea? I suppose you've had your tea?
A hoose like Staynshabank Fair a house in a tip
To be nooled to be kept down / made miserable
She's got hersel hoosed (or lantered) - to visit a neighbour for an evening gossip
Ye Bishop of Hexham! Well, I'll be blowed!
Maiden Sorra! (to a female) Good heavens! What next!
A narration a noise (of a crowd)
The gam's begun when breaking wind
Hinnyful borrids! whatever next!
Stop gorroning stop making faces
Nickering and laughing sniggering and laughing
Whee? who?
Yuk hook
Gannie grandma
Gaffie grandad
A gully a big strong knife (e.g. for cutting fish heads off)
Hippens nappies
To speel to rummage in cupboards/drawers
Gowk apple core / fool
Stott the baal bounce a ball
A dowly area a dark lonely place
A wittridge a lively cheeky young girl
A warlick a naughty boy [?warlock}
A lowpy dike an energetic female, never still
Cowp your creels turn a somersault [done by kneeling down and bowling yourself over, not a handstand]
Get a good howking get a good hiding
Scumpfoushed a feeling of suffocation
A little ched a naughty little girl
To slinge in to creep in
A stumour someone larger than life, a teller of tall stories
A gansey man's jersey (every village had a different pattern)
To take a-had to ignite, take fire
To be in your dishabills a housewife doing her morning chores, wearing a pinny etc.
'Saturday' best you went shopping to Whitley Bay in your 'Saturday' best in the afternoon; 'Sunday' best was kept for special occasions.