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The following is adapted from Charver terms collected and listed by Marshall Hall for the magazine Newcastle Stuff, 2000-2002, a charver being a club-goer or other alert young citizen of Newcastle (Romany chavo 'a lad'). Romany (perhaps from Gipsies settled on housing estates near Newcastle) may also contribute to other terms - note in square brackets below.
Marshall's own fuller 'Charver Central' is online at www.newcastlestuff.com

alfie - to inform an authority about somebody's actions: "y' puarly alfied on us"
a'narrrh - I know
belta - how good something is: "that car's puarly belta"
bizzies - police officers
chaw - to steal [Romany chore]
chiv - knife, or to stab someone [?Romany: chiv 'to throw', but churi 'knife'; compare NE shive 'a slice']
clivva - clever, or healthy: "I'm not feeling ower clivva today"
couple-on: leave a tiny bit on a cigarette
cowie - drug, usually a pill
crib - where a Charver sleeps: "Am gan hyem to me crib"
cush or cushty - cool [Romany kushto]
daint - South Tyneside: 'don't'
doiler - idiot
fog, first fog-on - polite request to finish someone else's cigarette
friskin' - to joke: "I was only friskin' ya man"
geet - very large: "He was a proper geet bloke", "You're git thick, you"
graft - on your way to steal something
greef - to be giving someone hassle, to be greef'n someone
heed the baal - lunatic
hoisty - stolen car
hoo man - excuse me
hor - that lady over there
hotching - stinking
hoy - to throw: "Hoy it arriz."
hoy - drinking spree: "Am gan on the hoy - y'cummin?"
kappa slappa - female Charver
keep toot - act as a look-out
ken - Charver's home [Romany ken'a house, a nest']
ket - kiddies' confectionery
knaa - to know: "ya knaa what i just did?"
ladgeful - how bad something is: "She's f**kin' ladgeful hor, man"
lowie - money [Romany luvvo
lush - lovely
maa - Mother
meth - calling someone, to be a meth, or methin'
minging - smelly
mint - good/great: "That's mint, man."
mission/mish - to be going somewhere, perhaps on the rob
Monday book - child allowance
monged - off one's head, usually due to drink or drugs; also to mong out
mullered - drunk
mortal - very drunk
mug - foolish person, easily led: "he's pure mugged out"
narrrh - nasal sound which can mean 'no' or 'know': "A didn't narrrh y'had narrrh tabs"
nash - to move swiftly: "He proper did a nash when me da turned up" [Romany nash 'to run']
ned - Glaswegian Charver. (Non-educated delinquent)
nee botha - no problem
nippa - partly-smoked cigarette, worn behind ear
n'that - etc. Can be used as a full stop at the end of any sentence
numpty - not a very bright person
offie - off license. Place to purchase alcohol, place of worship for charvers
pasty baby - child of a Charver lass, so-called because of all the crumbs and mess around them, from their staple diet
peeve - alcoholic drink: "He was proper peeved-up last neet"
puar - from the English word pure. Puar and puarly are used to emphasise something: "It's puarly mint, man"
proper - an adjective to be used anywhere in a sentence: "He's a proper radgee"
radgee - can be used as a noun, adjective or verb. Use where, when and as often as you like.
scran - food
shan - not very good
sharon - the female of the charver species
skankin - foul-smelling, bad, stinking
skitzy - mental person, or monger
skwark - the high pitch vocalisation made by a sharon
snide - counterfeit or false
snout - cigarette [prison term?]
spacka boot - platform shoe
spark - to hit someone
tack - smokeable narcotic of dubious strength
tatie - potato, or a stupid person
tickhead - wearer of a Nike baseball cap
TWOC - Taken Without Owners Consent, the term used to steal a car
waxa - see belta
whitey - Temporary illness due to excessive alcohol or tack intake: "he proper hoyed a whitey"
workid - "our kid", but used to greet anyone: "y'alreet workid?"