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This list is derived from The howdy and the upgetting - two tales of sixty years sin seyne, as related by the late Thomas Bewick of Newcastle, in the Tyne Side dialect (London: printed for the admirers of native merit, 1850). If faithfully set down, this constitutes an early text of some length in the Tyneside dialect of the 1790s - Bewick was born 1758, died 1828. There is some inconsistency of spelling, and the occasional identifiable misprint e.g. varva for varra, lbeheavin for beheavin, but in general it seems a useful attempt to reproduce vocabulary and the pronunciation.

Ae-hy - why-aye
aeyh, eyeh - aye, yes
afwore - before
amang - among
an - and: "butter an breed"
Ase - I's, I am: "Aze suer aws reet"
aw - I
aw - all : "aw swoart of fwoak"
aye - ever, always: "yer aye fashin yen wi somethin or other"
ayrms - arms

bayrnes - children, offspring: "how monny bayrnes hes thee muther now?"
behint - behind: "behint him"
bissey - busy: "ower bissey"
blaired out - cried our, wept: "she blaired out for a greet while"
braid - broad: "braid shouthers"
breed - bread: "butter an breed"
brik - break: "fit te brik their neeks"
brokken - broken: "aw warnt he hesint brokken his fast to day" brout up (pret.) - brought up: "brout them o up"
bwoarn - born: "when he was bwoarn"

caaling on - calling (to get attention): "thou teayks a vast oh calling on"
cam - came: "in cam little Jenny"
cannot - "cannot ye gang yoursell?"

claiths - clothes
clarts - street mud: "plishplash throw the clarts"
clogs - wooden-sole shoes: "wiv his heels poppin out ov his clogs every step"
commin - coming
counge - [thick slice]: "cut him a good counge"
crakin - [talking]: "crakin oh the bayrn"
crowdie - porridge: "crowdie an milk"
cums - comes: "here cums little Andra"

de - do: "eneough to de"; dih "to dih"
deed - died (pret.): "...that had deed" deef - deaf: "yammering and shouting as kin yen was deef"
deeth - death
deughn - done: "to get it o deughn"
dheal - [funeral or wake]
dinna - do not: "dinna sit there leyke steuke"
dinnit - do not: "aw dinnit leyke te..."
doon - down: "sit doon"
do's - does: "what do's th' want?"

ee - i', in: "suon ee mworning
eneugh - enough: "weel eneugh"

fashin - bothering: "yer aye fashin yen wh [sic] somethin or other"
fayther - father
fir - for
forgih - forgive
fra - from
frummety - [dish to eat]
fwoak - folk: "sum mare sic leyke fwoak"

gang - go: "cannot ye gang yoursell?"
gans on - carries on: "if thee muther gans on this way"
gat - got: "they never gat owse better than..."
gav ower - stopped: "the howdy never gav ower cryin (saying loudly)"
gleyme - glance, 'look': "Betty Kell gav her sic a gleyme"
glower - look of hatred: "wi' sec a glower"
glowrin - [staring]: "glowrin about"
grat (pret.) - wept: "Aws sure his muther grat mair at the dhael than ony body"
greet - great: "for a greet while"
gude - good
Gwoardy - Geordie, George

ha' - have: "she thout she wad ha' been..."
heeds - heads: "held up their heeds"
hehaym - home
hes-int - hasn't
hev - have: "yeel hev"
hinny - "Come come maw hinny..." (mother to daughter)
his sel - himself
houts! - "Houts muther..."
how way - come along: "how way hehaym wouth th'"
howdy - midwife: "M[ar]gery the Howdy"
hud steahyn - [mantlepiece]: "leanin on the hud steahyn"

ilfardest - [ill-formed?] "the ugliest, ilfardest bayrne aw ever so"
impidence - impudence: "Awze sure of thee impidence!"
int - in it

keahm - a comb
keayk - cake, pudding: "a good speyce suet keayk"
ken - know: "Aw ken weel enough"
kih - quoth, said: "kih she"
kin - if: "yammering and shouting as kin yen was deef"; "as kin howse had happend"
kiv - quoth: "oh, kiv aw..."
kwoat - coat: "his hands in his kwoat pockets"

leapyt - [?little bit]: "strenkle a leapyt ov sugar ont"
leein - lying, telling fibs: "G--d forgih mih for leeing"
lown - lane: "stannin at the lown end"

mare, mair - more: "ne mare oh that!"
maw - my: maw turn"
mayteer - matter: "whats the mayteer?"
meayk - make: "meayke heayst!"
meer - mare: "the oad grey meer"
meynd - remember, take note: "Aw meynd....", "meynde what their o toakin about"
mih - me (acc.sg.)
monny - many
mun - must: "aw mun away tee"; "thou mun gang"
muther - mother
mworning: morning

ne - no: ne occasion fort" (for it)
neahn - none, not: "thous neahn deef"
neeks - necks: "fit te brik their neeks"
neet - night: "wuov his jasay (?knitted woollen) neet cap on" neuk - corner: "Antys Garth neuk"
nowse - nothing
nwoase - nose: "weypt his nwoase"
the nwoarth - the North

o - all: "o th' way"
oad - old: "on the oad gray meer"
oh - o', of: "ith th' howl oh wounter" (winter)
ony - any
or - our: "or muther" owr - over: "owr...the hill"
owse - anything

pletted - [crossed]: "his leg pletted owr his yek pleught"
plishplash - splashing: "plishplash throw the clarts"

reed - red: "leyke twe little reed tatees"; "reed cheekt"
reet - right
rummin - [?noise]: "what a rummin theyres meayhd"

seckin - such: "at seckin a pleace"
see - so: "see doon sat Andra"
seevent - seventh
set on - started on: "then she set on a telling about..."
seughn, seun - soon
shive - slice: "a shive oh butter an breed"
shoun - shoes: "may shoun"
shouthers - shoulders: "braid shouthers"
sic, sec - such "sic leyke fwoak", "sic clatterin and sic din", "sec a glower"
sin seyne - ago, past: "sixty years sin seyne"
skeul - school
skumfeesht - suffocated: "she thout she wad ha' been skumfeesht wi the steyth"
sl[a]verin - dribbling: "blutherin and sl[a]verin" (of a baby)
so - saw: "aw so"
soat - salt: "tatees an soat"
sprunt - spry, smart: "mheyk thee sell leuk varra sprunt"
stannin up - standing/poking up
startet - started (p.p.) steahyn - stone
strenkle - [sprinkle]: "strenkle a leapyt ov sugar ont"
steuke - stook (of hay): "dinna sit there leyke steuke"
steyth - vapour, smoke: "she thout she wad ha' been skumfeesht wi the steyth"
suon - soon
swoart - sort, kind: "aw swoart of fwoak"

tappy lappy - in a hurry: "commin tappy lappy owr the Stob-Cross Hill"
tatees - potatoes: "leyke twe little reed tatees"
te - to
tee - too, also: "aw mun away tee"
teheyteed - ?: "teheyteed hair"
telled - told (pret.): "and tell'd how..."
teuk (rept.) - took: "teuk the lead" Teyne Seyde - Tyneside
thaaf keahyk - [thark cake]: "they never gat owse better than thaaf keahyk"
thaleur - taylor
theaker - thatcher: "Jemmy Grame the theaker lad"
theayks - takes: "thou theayks a vast oh calling on"
thee sell - yourself
thee - your: "thee Fayther"
thees - thighs
their - they're
themsels - themselves
thockin - [?gasping for breath]: "thockin and blowin"
thou - you (nom.sg.): "thous neahn deef"
thrimpt - [?crossed, clasped?]: "thrimpt owr his thees"; "monny oh them thrimped in to dih the sheym (same)"
thriven - healthy (p.p. of thrive): "red cheekt an thriven" tiggen on - playing tig: "thou...was ower bissy tiggen on woh Jemmy Grame"
toakin - talking: "meynde what their o taokin about"
twe - two: "leyke twe little reed tatees"
twoalve - twelve

upgettin - celebration of return to normal life after giving birth: "gang to the upgettin"

varra - very: "varra sprunt" (smart); "its varra true, sed Jenny the Gardner"
vast - a large amount: "a vast oh calling on"; "sheed seen a vast o' the warld"

warld - world: "this wicked warld"
warn - warrant, sure: "aws warn..."
wee - with: "whe dos thou tig on wee?" weel - well: "weel eneugh"
wey - why... "wey theres our Dehyim"
weyves - women, matrons: " a heep oh weyves"
whee - who: "whees there?"
wheyte - requite, punish: "G--d wheyte her...for beheavin se to maw bayrne"
wi' - with
wis - was: "wis leukin at"
wiv - with
woh - with: tiggen on woh Jemmy Grame"
wounter - winter: "ith th' howl oh wounter"
wouv - with

yammering - calling loudly: "yammering and shouting"
yeh - you (nom.sg., acc.pl.)
ye - you: "yeel hev"
yen - one, a person: "yammering and shouting as kin yen was deef"
yer - you are

yammering and shouting"
yeh - you (nom.sg., acc.pl.)
ye - you: "yeel hev"
yen - one, a person: "yammering and shouting as kin yen was deef"
yer - you are