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This list is transcribed from a tape cassette, 'Dinna Tark si Fond', made by Nelson Dunn to raise money for local schools at Christmas 2002. Each phrase is given twice, with 'translation'/explanation in between. Nelson Dunn explains the material is compiled from the sort of speech usual among people aged over 50 in his area. The transcript endeavours to represent the original voice as best possible.

A's - I am
he was aasin' where they'd getten hed? - asking...hid
hes tha' owt afresh? - any news
what's astir - what's happening?

Where the hell thee's belang? - where do you come from / live?
rowled in beck - fell in the stream
Aav nae biuts
blared - cried (tears)
bonny an' sair - very upset
it's a bonny fight fer a bit kyek - hard to make a living
braying - hitting
brokken in te - burgled
dinna show the browtens up - son't show your ignorance

caffy-hearted - feint-hearted
chollers hanging ower his chin - cheeks
ower biut tops i' clerts
climmin' up chimley
what's ganna come on us - what's going to happen to us
his a bit o' good crack - interesting to talk to
that's bad crack - bad news
gettin cramley - becoming unsteady
tipped his creens (?) - somersaulted

A din knaa
diun out on't - swindled

he' etten th'lot

it's aal femmer - it's too weak (to take weight)
what fettle lad? - how are you?
can the fettle this? - can you mend this?

his nyen fettled - he's handicapped
dinna taak se fond - do not be silly
impíttent fond - cheeky
myed some freet - ran away in time

whee's thee makkin gam on?
his gaanin i'front of his betters i' mornin' - up before the magistrates
he got his gansey fast in his galluses - sweater stuck in his braces
got catched pinchin' goosegogs
gowping about - gaping about

he's tiun'd hague - angry
Aa hev - I have
how much was't - who much does it cost
hoyin' snaa-baals at yan another
heed like a kail-pot - big-headed, swankey

As kedged - full up
its vennigh kennor - near knocking off time
gan in a kink - become hysterical

lapped up in a puddin' clout - wrapped
dinna let on, mind - don't tell anyone
getten his likeness tyun - photo taken
isn't list to do nowt - can't be bothered
es pictures lowsed out yit? - have they come out from the cinema?

what's th' mak on 'im - what do you make of him
essent mense ti say thanks - hasn't the manners to say thanks

nobbut moderate - ill
nobbut a good-lookin' nowt - handsome wastrel
hes thee nyen? - don't you have any?
his nyen fond - not as daft as he looks
siuner him nor me
it's neither nowt nor summat - neither one thing nor the other

come n get thee pipe lit lad - have a rest
pund - pound

hes raxed hissell - strained a muscle

his fingers was reed raw
reek - pipe smoke
it's right eneuf - true
hes rovven his claes te bits

A seed yor lass last night - girlfriend
mak sharp - get a move on
he looks like a pair o' shiting frames - very thin
Av nivvor knaan sike like - never known anything like it
skeeding het - scalding hot
Aal skelp thee lug'ole
has thee been skyul?
skiul-boss - teacher
howay man gie ower slaisterin' on - dragging the feet
been hoein' snaggers - turnips
tak hehd o' this stee - ladder
styen-naykt - naked

he hes a bad tak on't - unhappy at home or where he lodges
Aam ganni tak off - run away
A canna tak nae mair
tak nae notice on im
tak care now
tewed t' deeth - far too much to do, harrassed
thee care - your car
tiuthwark - toothache

gie ower up-kesting that - stop reminding me

gone ower watter - emigrated
what'n humour he's in
what'n gam was? - what sort of game was it
Whee was she wi? - who was she with?
whee's A taakin te - who are you
A whiles think hes aal right - sometimes...
Aall clash thy bloody wick out - I'll knock hell out of you
winnut - won't
he hesn't haaf some wool on - needs a haircut
wowy an' bread - bread and treacle
right an wrang
ganned a little wrong - been ill, looks bad

ower-much yall - too much to drink
A cannot gie ye yan
A hev a bakin' o' bread i' th' yuven

Appendix (by letter of 9 Mar 2003):

how's he framen? - how is he doing? - he frames weal - he's doing well
riften - belching
ee's a bit o ' wanten - he's not a full shilling

riften - belching
ee's a bit o ' wanten - he's not a full shilling