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Sally T. Marsh's Wonky Pots Emporium

Sal's studio and shop is at Eaton St Torpid, in old coaches next to the station.

Sal T Marsh portrait

Sal's maxim is 'If you want round pots then go to Woolworths'. Which is a tad tricky as 'Woolies' ceased trading towards the end of 2008. But we know what she means!

Sal T Marsh pot

10" white earthenware bowl with slip and sgraffito decoration motif inspired by stylised Anglo-Saxon horse head designs

Sal T Marsh pot

seafood bowls (approx. 150 mm wide); terracotta with coloured slip and sgraffito; transparent glaze

Sal T Marsh pot

stoneware 'bird bowl' with 'bronze' lustre


an exciting moment at the Wonky Pots Emporium – about to unload a glaze firing!

Sal's studio

where it (mostly) all happens

Emett illustration

not quite the old carriages used by Sal T. Marsh for her studio;
cartoon by Rowland Emett

Just so no one is confused: Sal T. Marsh is not related to the amazing potter Nick Marsh

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