previous exhibitions at 'The Alex'

Angi Werhil: specially commissioned series of
screen prints of lavender and lavender soap wrappers

Angi Werhil: 'Lavender' (artist's proof)
Angi Werhil: 'Lavender' (edition of 317)
Angi Werhil: 'Campbell's Soap' (edition of 319)
Angi Werhil: 'Campbell's Soap' (edition of 149)
Angi Werhil has gained an international reputation for her silk screen printing. In 2012 the Queen Alexandra Arts Centre commissioned a series of prints themed around north-west Norfolk's famous Eaton Lavender Experience.

Angi's studio is in the intriguingly-named Herepit-cum-Foxhole, close to Wartey on the Isle of Wartholme in Lincolnshire.


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While you are at The Alex don't forget to visit the Ace Caff, with a collection of vintage playing cards displayed under the glasstop tables.

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