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Evan Weglow: 'The Nude Revealed'

Evan Weglow: 'Female nude opus 401' (silent scream series)
Evan Weglow: 'Female nude opus 409' (silent scream series)
Evan Weglow: 'Female nude opus 419' (silent scream series)
Evan Weglow: 'Female nude opus 421' (silent scream series)
Evan Weglow: 'Female nude opus 431'
Evan Weglow: 'Female nude opus 433'

Evan Weglow (1932–2000) was a British painter best known for his nude and still-life paintings, influenced by painters such as Matisse, Cézanne, Morandi, Poussin and Ingres.

Weglow rarely exhibited his works during his own lifetime. After his death an exhibition of previously-unseen paintings and preparatory sketches was held at the Pickford Gallery, Camden Lock under the title 'Weglow's Nudes Revealed'.

This brought posthumous critical aclaim and the Pickford Gallery's exhibition subsequently toured to a number of notable provincial galleries, include the Queen Alexandra Arts Centre in Eaton St Torpid. In the more limited space available the Curator selected paintings from the 'silent scream' series and drawings from the last decade of his life.


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