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The management has no connections with the following except as a satisfied customer.

Binnie Engineering
Where would Whittlecreek and Eaton St Torpid Heritage Railway be without you Peter? Where would 16mm scale modelling have been without your father, Colin? Who, allegedly, could wax lyrical about the genius of William Stroudley.

I P Engineering
The ever-helpful Ivan!


Garden Railway Supplies

Cambrian Model Rail

Dorspring Models

Kit Form Services

GS-UK Laser Cutting

Motion Co
Not a modelling outfit but helpful for scratchbuilt gearing and belt drives – 'Meccano for grown ups' ;-)

for habidashery items you never knew existed (and those you did too)

The management likes to keep lists of where to get 'useful bits and bobs'. There are no connections at all to the following, not even as a customer.

Peco G scale spares (Top Slots and Trains)

Jurassic Models (successor to Triassic Models)

Swift Sixteen


ModelEarth Designs

Design Scan Print 3D

Trenarren Models Online

Smallbrook Studio

Woodvalley Works

Wonderland Models


Chalk Garden Railway

Glendale Junction

Track Shack

Kernow Model Rail Centre


There are also suppliers of 16mm scale live steam locos and parts. Not 'my thing' so no reason to list.

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