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Mickey Rothko-Turner: Commanding Seascapes

Mickey Rothko-Turner 'Commanding Seascape No.5'
Mickey Rothko-Turner 'Commanding Seascape No.7'
Mickey Rothko-Turner 'Commanding Seascape No.11'
Mickey Rothko-Turner 'Commanding Seascape No.13'
Mickey Rothko-Turner 'Commanding Seascape No.17'
Mickey Rothko-Turner 'Commanding Seascape No.19'
Mickey Rothko-Turner 'Commanding Seascape No.23'
Mickey Rothko-Turner 'Commanding Seascape No.29'

'Commanding Seascapes' is the culmination of a lifetime spent watching the sea. Before he retired 'Mickey' Rothko-Turner was the deckchair attendant on Brindlecliffe Pier. He frequently engaged in conversations with the wide assortment of artists utilising the pier for superior vantage points for seascape studies. His sometimes flippant suggestions for adding a little more red were met by such retorts as 'What's your name? Michaelangelo?' To which, entirely honestly, he answered 'Yes'.

After taking early retirement as a consquence of the demise of the pier in the fire of 2002 'Mickey' took up painting himself. He looks back on the conversations with the artists as being as good as going to any of the best art colleges in the country. He hopes to resume painting once the NHS perform cataract replacement surgery in both eyes.

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