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Whittlecreek and Eaton St Torpid Heritage Railway


'I'll give it five!' Priscilla White, Liverpool

'Just out to irk the tourists purists.' Nigel, Wirral

'Quite like it. Nothing else.' Harold Staunton

'We didn't need our coats after all.' Gina, Ana and Vicky

'A genuine fake.' Alan (formerly of Chislehurst)

'Never enough jam with the scones.' Eva Grumbling (Mrs)

'Amazing use of ontological silly putty.' R. Wilson

'Hope we didn't cause too much trouble.' Annie and Clarabel

'After what seemed like just five minutes I was wondering if reality is really a myth.' Simon Danser

'Your egg sarnies made us right poorly!' Sam and Ella

'Neo toponyms are the one for me!' Mr Anderson

'I thought Pocohantas married Marlon Brando.' Neil, Toronto

'Couldn't see the sea.' Kathy Racke

'Too many mole hills.' Toady and Ratty

'Can't give it five as the sun never shone all day.' N.T. Lyfmemba

'Too hot when the sun shines.' H.E. Lyos

'A serious outbreak of paronomasia.' Dr Punmoor

'Can thoroughly recommend staying at Anchorstone Hall.' Leslie P. Hartley

'We think it is scandalous that now the Snoring Literal and Philological Society meets in the school's gymnasium everyone takes off their clothes.'
Nettie & Molly Ghist-Unrad

'Nettie and Molly: Do some SLAPS also belong to Friars Ambling Naturist History Association?' Nicholas N. Toplis

'Can dyslexic entomologists join?' Terry Goater

'Dyslexics all ways well come. But member's ship's rules are strictly antimological.'
Len Gauge-Hicops

'Whittlecreek's dogberrys are ore inspiring.' A. Malaprop (Mrs)

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