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June 2023

Since the New Year I've been somewhat distracted by a couple of linked-at-the-hips projects at 1:76 scale. And other prevarications. But finally set out a 'test track' in the new-ish garden. But yet to lay out a longer track.

This test track established that the coaches based on the Giant's Causeway, Portrush and Bush Valley Railway and Tramway Co Ltd's rolling stock and intended for Sir Toby simply made Sir Toby's wheelspin problems much worse. So the management decided a fourth loco was needed. An eBay seller was offering an LGB 'Safari' loco at a realistic price. So bought it, chopped it, repainted it and dubbed it 'No.4'.

Tony Gumley's major retrospective is still delayed. But likely to include a new work called 'The Great Splash'.

Those impatiently waiting for a third collection of Tales are likely to remain terminally disappointed.

April 2022

Buggger all happened at 1:20 scale for over a year. But at twelve inches to one foot scale things are still happening. Yet another house move means a bigger Jackdaw Works (over ten feet wide and long) and a garden with excellent opportunities for some track. And even a shed to house the rolling stock. But first of all the move needs to be 'conquered' and the garden replanted. So little or no modelmaking expected until at least the autumn. And the same goes for plans for a third volume of Tales. Though Tony Gumley has been making excellent progress towards his major exhibition.

September 2021

Even more tee-shirt designs – scroll down for a trio of 'saucy' ones.

August 2021

Here's a sneaky peek of Ian Brown's latest illustrations. These will be available from the gift shop as limited edition tee-shirts from Easter next year.

The Observatory

The Palindromic Racecar
In the deluxe version the driver's seat rotates 360 degrees.
In the standard version the back of the seat flips like tram seating.


The Velocitractor
Discussions are being held with a manufacturer
of radio-controlled model cars to licence this design.


The Cross-Border Coach

The Fafnir Express

Hot gossip from The Alex!

Tony Gumley the sculptor has been working on a series of maquettes for major works in welded steel. He's been sworn to secrecy by Cynthia, the curator of The Alex arts centre, but let slip that she'd persuaded him that a 'major retrospective' of his work was long overdue. 'Problem is,' he wryly remarked, 'unless I do lots of new work there'd be very little to show.'

Tony Gumley – Dorsal study III

Tony Gumley – Study for kneeling female archer II

April 2021

Nothing been happening at 1:20 scale since the start of the year. But at 12 inches to the foot scale a lot has been happening – not least moving about thirty miles nearer to the top left corner of Norfolk (this is the 'real world intervention' mentioned last August). Not much progress at 1:20 scale envisaged until the autumn as a rather large garden needs taming. But there is a strong possibility of the main bedroom becoming a 'board room' by the end of the year and – just maybe – some outdoor track in the middle of next year. But no promises.

To honour this event Ian Brown has provided an illustration of a railway carriage called 'Moving Home'. Though perhaps a bit too broad gauge for the Whittlecreek and Eaton St Torpid Heritage Railway.

January 2021

NEW latest boards and models for Pillage and Plunder RPG

Twenty years after the release of the original Pillage & Plunder role playing game (RPG) two new boards have been developed by Bobnian Entertainment Unlimited.

In the first new board, The Green Land Quest, you take the role of Noggian, a Viking captain based at Dorstad near the mouth of the Rhine. You seek to trade peacefully with settlements at Jorvic (York) and Dyffryn (Dublin). You need to get to the quayside before an infamous ship called the Hrafnperl whose dodgy-dealing captain, Djaks Carrow, sets the locals seeking revenge on the next Viking traders.

In the second game, Kvetsalcoadjlsaga, you have already made the journey to the Green Land and back successfully several times. But your navigator with a legendary lodestone shares a secret that no other Viking on the Green Land knows – he has been to a land of untold wealth to the south-south-west. You must survive several storms to get to the New Found Land.

More details of The Green Land Quest and Kvetsalcoadjlsaga.

In addition to the new boards and decks of cards, the renowned model kit makers, Revell, have produced 1:72 scale models of Hrafnperl, Kvetsalcoadjl and Noggian. Further kits are expected to be released towards the end of the year.






December 2020

NEW for 2021: exclusive Ian Brown teeshirts

A sneak preview of teeshirts for the Whittlecreek and Eaton St Torpid Heritage Railway gift shop. They feature exclusive designs by Ian Brown emulating the ethos of the Whittlecreek and Eaton St Torpid Heritage Railway rolling stock.





Provisional price 19.95 each including delivery.
Email W&ESTHR_sales@indigogroup.co.uk to place an order.
Don't forget to tell us which size and design you would like.

Those who enjoyed Tales from the Railway (1.6 Mbyte PDF; free to download) will be pleased to know a sequel is now available: Tales from the Emporium (3 Mbyte PDF; free to download).

In this new collection of tales the railway staff interact with the somewhat overbearing curator of the nearby Arts Centre and two young sisters who create and sell pots at the Wonky Pot Emporium – when not chatting to customers or learning about some arcane aspects of Daoism.

Paranormal vigils in the ruins of a twelfth century castle, the creation of a heritage museum focused on the former sand mining in the area, sightings of inexplicable big cats – or are they phantom black dogs? – in the fields nearby, and the preparations for a Viking festival all unknowingly converge on the dodgy dealings of the proprietor of the local canoe hire facility (named after a one-time local lass called Pocahontas). An exciting evening awaits all the protagonists…

November 2020

Two life-size 'come sit next to me' sculptures have been installed on the promenade near St Torpid's Bay. Suggestions for who might depicted included Pocahontas, Queen Isabella and Lord Nelson – as all these have connections with north-west Norfolk. However the artist opted to depict a female artist sketching and a male bird watcher. Rather appropriately, the local pigeons and gulls perch on top of his head and leave 'messages' as they depart.



September 2020

After some delay a master chef was recuited for the field kitchen. As a result of a previous pastime of cosplaying as Obi Wan Kenobi he's known as Old Ben.

The Whittlecreek and Eaton St Torpid Heritage Railway gift shop has details of the forthcoming range of lighthouse-themed gifts.

August 2020

A start has been made on the grounded coaches for Sal T. Marsh's Emporium.
Not least collating photographs of grounded coaches

Further progress is not expected until late this year because of real world interventions.

July 2020

Links to videos of Rowland Emett's railway automata and models have been added in an undeservedly obscure part of this web site.

Photos of recent rolling stock assembled as 'rakes'.

Construction of the St Torpid's Bay lighthouse has been completed.

June 2020

Construction of the St Torpid's Bay lighthouse has commenced.

May 2020

Progress on the Rocket-powered B-type railbus has been somewhat more fraught than anticipated. But the Mark II chassis seems to be there or thereabouts.

The dining car has finally procured some cutlery. And the Viking charabanc has acquired a 'tender' (except it's at the bow not the stern) to transport two hogsheads of ale (which therefore contain as much as a butt) and a brace of battle axes.

Some more 'tunes' have been added to the recommended listening.

Very belatedly made an acquaintance with the work of Tom Gauld. Really spiffing cartoons. Including this one from Baking with Kafka very much after the management's inclinations:

Also rather slow off the mark – email W&ESTHRupdates@indigogroup.co.uk if you would like to be emailed when this site is updated. Your email address will not be shared.

April 2020

The field kitchen, Viking charabanc and the second coach for Sir Toby have been completed.

Next up is the crew for the Viking charabanc and then the much-anticipated Rocket-powered B-type railbus.

March 2020

The Bulrush dining car has been completed, apart from a few details of the table settings.

Work has commenced on two small coaches suitable for Sir Toby to pull. Indeed, the first one has been completed. Although the second has not yet started as instead work has begun on the field kitchen and the Viking charabanc.

To promote the Viking charabanc the Whittlecreek and Eaton St Torpid Heritage Railway gift shop now has a range of 'Pillage and Plunder' teeshirts.

February 2020

Construction of the third class sleeping wagon is almost complete. Work has resumed on the Bulrush dining car.

The four original 'tales from the bar' – along with several new 'tales from the bar' – plus the account of the Valley Spirit Hermitage have now been incorporated in Tales from the Railway (1.6 Mbyte PDF; free to download)

January 2020

Progress has been made with the nursery sleeping coach. And the first class sleeping coach is coming along nicely.

A bog standard LGB baggage van has been transformed into a 'Black Mary' hearse wagon.

The team who run 'The Alex' arts centre have uploaded images from their four major exhibitions during 2019:

More recollections of Bill and Marko's Tuesday evening 'sessions' at Le Strange Arms:

There's also been more torc talk.

December 2019

Progress continues with the Bulrush Dining Car but only at a rather slow rate. So the management opted for a 'quickie' with the consequence that the Whittlecreek and Eaton St Torpid Heritage Railway's collection of rolling stock now includes the 'Newt' guards van cum parcel van.

Also new are Bill and Marko's recollections of the time when a fly-on-the-wall docu-soap about Whittlecreek and Eaton St Torpid Heritage Railway called Off the Rails was being recorded.

November 2019

Trains have been running since mid-October and a certain amount of planning has been taking place. Which could easily be confused with prevarication. But all worked out well in late October when the management acquired three LGB wagons and a coach on eBay for attractive prices. This led to yet-more changes to the Lazybeach Special and improved plans for the Bulrush Dining Car.

An unplanned 'knock on' was that some of the LGB couplings bought to use with scratchbuilt chassis could now be used elsewhere. So Sir Toby and Gizmelda were adapted, and the couplings on both Nellie and the Irish loco were 'enhanced' by putting hooks on both ends.

The web page devoted to Whittlecreek and Eaton St Torpid Heritage Railway's rolling stock has been redesigned. It now has a logical layout (at least to the managment if not anyone else).

And, for those of a more whimsical inclination, there's information about Eaton St Torpid's disused tide mill and Daoist retreat centre. Which has been updated. Thirteen times in one go. No, it doesn't make sense. But read it anyway. You just might be bemused…

September 2019

If it seems that nothing much has been happening since May then that's about right. Though there have been developments in a parallel universe at 1:32 scale. Work at 1:20 scale is scheduled to resume October–November.

summer 2019 updates

May 2019

After seven months of planning, model building and web site 'doodling' the Whittlecreek and Eaton St Torpid Heritage Railway is most certainly taking shape. However now that summer is approaching the management is getting distracted by other activities and commitments – not least a extended 'site visit' to north-west Norfolk to check out all manner of relevant (and not-so-relevant) places.

So progress with rolling stock manufacture and the like will slow down until the autumn. Rest assured there will be future editions of the Brindlecliffe ECHO!, but not every month.

In case you missed the 'stop press' section of last month's news then here's links to the latest goss:

More news will be added as and when it's fit to print!

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To keep yourself amused in the meantime, feel free to revisit back issues of the Brindlecliffe ECHO!:

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