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December 2018

The Lazybeach Special is making progress. So too is the Lazybeach Special guard's van.

Exciting news of vintage bus tours.

The gift shop has a range of posters that are not yet available.

The management has shared some of the early concept sketches for rolling stock and also provisional ideas for a track maintenance vehicle.

Made the pages look a little more bright and shiny. (If you want to get all techie it's 'cos the management had a night on the brandy and sussed out a CSS style sheet. Seriously.)

A list of recommended listening based on the eclectic allusions to music within the site.

A site map which shows which pages you've been to and which ones you've missed because the management made the navigation of the site too difficult. Mostly on purpose.

November 2018

It's all new. Though not all that bright and shiny yet.


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