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Lazybeach Special

Lazybeach Special
The Lazybeach Special.
Lazybeach Specia guard's van
At the end of the Lazybeach Special is, of course, a guard's van.

'… a third-class carriage is a community,
while a first-class carriage is a place of wild hermits.'
G.K. Chesterton 'Smart novelists and the smart set' in Heretics (1905).

These vehicles were inspired by a brace-and-a-half of Rowland Emett illustrations (see below). Though the management, as usual, got carried away.

The passengers have wandered off – apart from the chap who fell asleep in his deckchair while looking after the child making a sandcastle. The rest plan to come back after they've had afternoon tea in the cafe. Meanwhile Brando is perched on the roof.

construction and re-construction

Initially the Lazybeach Special was based on four wagons adapted from Binnie Engineering kits of 32 mm gauge Gyn Valley Tramway four ton granite wagons, regauged to 45mm using different GVT axleboxes (also from Binnie Engineering), with LGB couplings.

These were the first attempts at building rolling stock for Whittlecreek and Eaton St Torpid Heritage Railway and no suprise that they weren't really up to the mark – mostly because they were much smaller than the Railway's other rolling stock (especially the Alnwick to Bamburgh Express and Nukiller Waste Transporter which are also based on low-sided wagons). Furthermore, the Management has plans for the four Gyn Valley Tramway four ton granite wagons – they will revert to 32 mm gauge (as originally intended) and form part of the Sandy Cove Sand Co museum.

So two new wagons were scratchbuilt around Binnie Engineering GVT axleboxes, wheels, axles and centre couplings. A combination of 3 mm ply, 11 x 6 mm and 6 x 6 mm stripwood, plus lollipop sticks and coffee stirers was held together with UHU glue and a few M2 self-tappers knocked into pilot holes. Dummy brakegear was supplied as 3D-printed parts by Dean Goods.

The beach huts were scratch-built from lollipop sticks. The deckchairs were once coffee stirrers and cocktail sticks. And, just in case you were wondering, yes the 'black swan' weathervane does turn around to face into the breeze.

The beach huts are big enought to conceal the batteries for a yet-to-be-built 'rail car'. In the meantime Nellie is quite capable of operating these summer excursions.

Emett cartoon

Emett cartoon

Emett cartoon

The Rowland Emett illustrations which inspired the Lazybeach Special

Just don't ask where the rest of the inspiration came from.
It's probably not legal to put it in tins, jars or other containers.

That said, the management have a long-standing memory of someone with a row of miniature beach huts on their mantlepiece…

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