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Future events

Heritage railways specialise in coming up with ever more obscure themes for activity days to pull in the punters, so the management's advisors have made a number of suggestions for future events. However, as might be expected, volunteers to do the necessary organising are about as abundant as solid gold hen's teeth. So one or more of the following events may take place sometime:

  • vintage bus tours to Brindlecliffe
  • vintage bus tours from Friars Ambling Halt to Bishop's Snoring
  • vintage bus tours to Little Walsingham
  • vintage bus tours to Upwell
  • vintage bus tours to north-west Norfolk's Romanesque fonts
  • One Rhythm Carnival
  • steam-powered hot rod cars event (with drag racing down the beach at St Torpid's Bay – a bit like they do in Carmarthen Bay)
  • land yacht racing on the strand – all the fun of kite-surfing without getting wet
  • Teddy Bears' Picnic – with 'Pooh Sticks competitions' over the River Creake. Also prizes for the best-dressed Winnie the Pooh or Paddington (the bear, not the station).
  • model railway show (every model railway should have one)
  • weird and occasionally wonderful live music events
  • Up Helly Aa! – full-on Viking fun day 'Down Here n'All' in mid-February. Just like they do in Sheringham – and Shetland too.
  • St David's Day Extravaganza
  • Perrantide Pageant (around 5th March for those not versed in Cornish culture)
  • Northumbrian Independence Day (17th May)
  • Midsummer Manx Spectacular (though probably not as much spectacle as the real deal)
  • pick-your-own lavender events at the Eaton Lavender Experience – stop off at Lavender Halt on Whittlecreek and Eaton St Torpid Heritage Railway
  • informal watching the sun set over the sea evenings – just because you can from St Torpid's Bay
  • 'Whirling Wader Spectaculars' – near St Torpid's Bay at the biggest high tides from late September onwards
  • 'Ghost Train' Hallow'en Special
  • Frestonia Festival (4th November)
  • Bonfire Night Spectacular. Can Whittlecreek outdo the Lewes Bonfire Celebration Societies?
  • Star Wars versus Star Trek. All-out warfare between cos-players. Last person standing is Dominatrix of the Universe. Relax in the evening afterwards with an interactive BDSM demonstration.
  • Santa Special. This Santa Special really is special! 'Special Santa's Grotto' on the Whittlecreek and Eaton St Torpid Heritage Railway is a hot tub. For over-40s only.
  • Hogmanay Special (Please note: return tickets may not be valid on New Year's Day if no one has sobered up to drive the trains.)

    uncertain timing

  • Who? Where? When? Day. Not sure about the venue or which century this will happen. Look out for a blue portaloo suddenly arriving near you! 'Dalek for a Day' opportunities can be pre-booked – if you are struggling to find a present for your far-right pro-genocide friends then could this be the final solution? 'E-X-T-E-R-M-I-N-A-T-E' endlessly for a whole day! Also meet-and-greet the 9¾ Doctor, otherwise known as Professor Bumblebore (not to be confused with the 11½th Doctor, Dandelf).
  • The Swinecarbuncle Stopping Service. Since Brindlecliffe boarding school closed these services have been suspended.
  • Endless Ring Express. Non-stop services to serve the performance of the complete Ring Cycle operas by Wagner at the end of the pier at Brindlecliffe. Unfortunately a severe fire destroyed the pier before this event could be staged. But the management has retained the plans to provide a combined 'Hoppit' train-and-bus service as the Silmarillion Theatre (formerly Brindlecliffe's bingo hall, before the town's gentrification) has applied for an Arts Clique England grant to perform this cycle (in a translation into Quenya).

Past events

  • Tommy is a Punk Engine Festival

  • In November 2018 the station at Whittlecreek commemorated the airmen (from both the First and Second World Wars) of the RNAS, RFC and RAF who served at the nearby airfield. See this history of the real world RAF Sedgeford.

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