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Further reading

For non-academic readers who want to delve more deeply then several books provide much more detailed overviews – and also leave a dense trail of bibliographical references to the more arcane learned literature. Essential reading includes Ken Dowden on European paganism; Richard Fletcher on the conversion of Europe; James Russell's The Germanization of Early Medieval Christianity; Barbara Yorke on the conversion of Britain; and the collection of papers edited by Martin Carver and colleagues, published as Signals of Belief..

If you want to get deeper into how worldviews are largely unrecognised from within in a culture then there is to my knowledge only one overview. And the absence of any previous such works led me to write The Myths of Reality, published under the pseudonym Simon Danser. The examples are almost all drawn from recent times but the opening chapters should stimulate further consideration of how easy it is to inadvertently project modern distinctions and assumptions onto earlier eras. Some chapters from The Myths of Reality are included in the Foamy Custard website (www.indigogroup.co.uk/foamycustard/index.htm).



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