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What is Anglo-Saxon Twilight about?

Welcome to the Twilight world where gods walk the Earth rather than laze around in Heaven, everything is in a continual process of creativity caused by a numinous potency symbolised by leeks, and The Mothers are the ones you really needed to keep in with…

For nearly twenty-five years I have been seeking 'Anglo-Saxon paganism' from the fifth to ninth centuries when so much in Britian was changing. Not Anglo-Scandinavian 'heathenry' based around Woden and Thor projected back two or more centuries. Nor some fanciful version of Iron Age druidry projected forward by four hundred or more years. But the elusive beliefs and worldviews which the Christian missionaries were trying to convert British people from.

So, as seemingly no one has ventured along quite these same paths before me, this Anglo-Saxon Twilight website is my first step towards exploring this long-standing gap in awareness. I am not seeking to offer 'truths', still less to convert people to a new religion. But I do hope to ask pertinent questions and offer inspiration for anyone who wants to venture into similar territory.

What Anglo-Saxon Twilight is not about

So, because I am interested principally in the fifth to ninth centuries, you will be sadly disappointed if you are looking for information about:

  • Celtic-speaking British beliefs
  • Scandinavian deities supposedly worshipped in Britain
  • Tolkein-esque dark elves, light elves, and such like
  • runic divination
  • shamanism.
Please note that I've nothing against any of these approaches. Indeed, I could probably put together fairly well-informed websites about most of them. But many other people already have. What other people seem not to have done is offer detailed information online about religion in England between the fifth and ninth centuries.

If you want to find out more, then follow me into the Twilight on a journey of explorationů


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Anglo-Saxon Twilight only