Exploring the beliefs of English people during the fifth to ninth centuries


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Index of in-depth articles

  1. Putting the Dark Ages in the spotlight
  2. Rethinking conversion
  3. Local distinctiveness in Anglo-Saxon England

  4. The deities of the Anglo-Saxons
  5. One for every day of the week

  6. Imagined Christianity
  7. Micro-Christendoms
  8. Micro-pagandoms
  9. There is no paganism. There is only what we do here.
  10. New! Regular rites as continuity

  11. More dead than alive
  12. Digging up beliefs

  13. Romano-British deities
  14. The Mothers
  15. The Mothers and the Mother of God
  16. The triple hooded ones
  17. The three-fold living landscape
  18. Who were the landwights?
  19. Elf shine

  20. The carrying stream of memory

  21. Places of Romano-British worship
  22. Places of Anglo-Saxon worship
  23. In the name of the wood
  24. Hohs and hlaws
  25. Anglo-Saxon royal inauguration sites and rites
  26. New! Yeavering Anglo-Saxon royal centre

  27. The queen of the valley

  28. Weohs and stapols
  29. The quain tree and the weoh cwen

  30. From protective dragons to protective saints
  31. The potency of leeks and the spirit of alcohol

  32. From fate to God

  33. Straddling the supposed divide: carvings and cures

  34. Amulets and chants

  35. First-person viewpoints

  36. New! The Gods who walk the Earth. And the ones who travel to Otherworlds

  37. Seeing past 'secular' assumptions

  38. Some conclusions about Anglo-Saxon worldviews

  39. Regular rites as continuity
  40. Proto-Indo-European origins of words
  41. Further reading and sources
  42. Acknowledgements
  43. What next?


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Anglo-Saxon Twilight only