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two views of unglazed stoneware 'reliquary'
with contorted hazel handle
overall width 600 mm


three unglazed stoneware life-size human masks



small unglazed stoneware figurine


set of three glazed stoneware serving dishes
cobalt and copper underglaze decoration


unglazed stoneware 'planters'


unglazed earthenware wall plaques with various cold finishes
inspired by Anglo-Scandinavian 'hog back' grave covers


unglazed stoneware 'planter'


stoneware 'outcrop' vase


stoneware 'outcrop' vase


stoneware 'outcrop' plant pots


stoneware 'outcrop' plant pot holder


John Piper-inspired stoneware 'face pots' (plant pot holders)


large stoneware bowl


large stoneware bowl


stoneware bird-headed female zushi


large stoneware platter or bowl


stoneware 'face pots' (plant pot holders)


stoneware 'outcrop' vases


earthenware 'bird bowl' with lustre finish around neck



stoneware 'bird bowls' (right hand photo: with metallic cold finishes)



10" square stoneware bowls



stoneware 'outcrop' vases


bull, swan and soul
unglazed stoneware and pewter