assorted makings and drawings

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Fritz the Wonder Horse
or at least his skull and mirror shades...


sun mask

moulded and painted leather


an 'interpretation' of the eleventh century carving inside the church at Church Langton, Leicestershire which possibly depicts St Dunstan as a blacksmith


based on the Anglo-Saxon belt buckle discovered at Finglesham



left drawing based on the depiction of the deity Os on the Frank's casket.
right the relevant part of the panel of the Frank's casket
note that the details of the costume suggest a person wearing a 'feathered' cloak with an animal mask on the top of their head
the small mound on which the figure is sitting may be a (very) stylised burial mound






the moon-bull with a goose bearing the soul of someone about to be born

air-drying clays and lead


detail view of the soul and goose


work in progress – the outer case for a 'wall reliquary'.

wood and metal fixings


moon mask

moulded and painted leather


a 'reliquary'

wood, metal, glass, leather, bone, shell, etc



foliate mask – first attempt at a moulded leather mask


bird mask – first attempt at a leather mask


where it (mostly) all happened until early 2021.