assorted makings and drawings
Bob Trubshaw

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Three maquettes of female figures
designed to be constructed from Corten steel

cardboard, hot melt adhesive, paint



a 1:20 scale maquette of the 'Great Torc'
designed to be constructed from Corten steel and concrete then erected alongside the main Coast Road at Snettisham, Norfolk,
with Ken Hill (where several Iron Age gold torcs were discovered) visible through the central aperture;
the scuplture to be spotlit with golden light between dusk and midnight

maquette: cardboard, hot melt adhesive, plaster of Paris, paint
overall height 510 mm


two views of unglazed stoneware 'reliquary'
with contorted hazel handle
overall width 600 mm


three unglazed stoneware life-size human masks



small unglazed stoneware figurine


ceramic plaques

from a series inspired by Anglo-Scandinavian 'hogback' tombs



guardian spirits

terracotta; unglazed; antlers

inspired by a wooden Chinese zushi ('idol' or 'shrine') of circa 2,500 BCE

the black figure functions as an incense burner – the smoke 'breathes' out the mouth and eyes


moon-bull with a goose bearing the soul of someone about to be born

unglazed stoneware and pewter


a 'reliquary'

wood, metal, glass, leather, bone, shell, etc



foliate mask – first attempt at a moulded leather mask


more makings:-


POTS (including 'bird bowls')