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Just a short 'provisional' list to kick things off. This could easily develop into a full-on blog plus edited 'archive' if enough suggestions are received.

New Directions in Folklore

Cultural Analysis An interdisciplinary forum on folklore and popular culture

Journal of Folklore Research

CULTSTUD-L - online discussion list

Cultural Studies Central


M/C Web directory

Border Crossings


Variant Arts in the context of broader social, political and cultural issues.

Disinformation home of You are being lied to and Everything you know is wrong

Bad Subjects (Sarah Zupko's cultural studies center)


The Media Theory Site

Myth and Logos is "dedicated to the promotion of existential-phenomenological philosophy, psychology and literature, as well as psychoanalytic thought, perennial philosophy, and myth and metaphor."

Cultural Studies and the Sociology of Culture by Janet Wolff

A Proposal for Integrating Folklore and Affect Control Theory (The 'Folklore: An Overview' section could only have been written by someone with no contact with America folklore over the last 20+ years, but it gets better...)

Postmodern Cultural Studies: A Critique by Adam Katz

Exploring the Cultural Topography of Childhood by Stephani Woodson

NEW! The Myth of U.S. Cultural, Religious, Political, and Social Superiority by Kristina M. Gronquist

The Return of the Hidden Persuaders by Ruth Shalit

Index of Ruth Shalit's articles for Salon

Friendly Persuasion: The growing ubiquity of advertising, or What happens when everyone becomes an ad? by John Fraim

The age of Dyra by Andrew Calcutt

American Folklore is a rich resource of folkloric tales and legends.

Classical Mythology Directory provides a host of information on classical mythology.

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