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What's all this about then?

The human brain needs to put the broad spectrum of experience and ideas into 'boxes' to get an initial understanding. Such 'boxes' include 'folklore', 'mythology', 'psychology', 'religious studies', 'cultural studies', 'sociology of culture' and 'politics'. Each of these have developed into self-contained academic disciplines, with their own strengths and weaknesses. The fun starts when we try to forget about the 'boxes' and look anew, but in a more 'aware' manner, at the undivided spectrum of human thinking and experience.

Foamy custard aims to explore the areas where folklore, mytholology, cultural studies and related disciplines come together. Drawing on their different strengths helps us to understand better popular culture, politics, religion, and many other aspects of modern life. This article goes into more details.

Foamy custard includes introductory 'guides' and more substantial articles. Hopefully these will inform, challenge and entertain (although few, if any, will do all three to the same extent!). The aim is to broaden the horizons of those familiar with only some of these 'boxes', and to provide a forum for those 'thinking outside the boxes'.

This website was created at the end of 2002 as a 'pilot' for something more ambitious. Sadly time and the lack of contributions by other writers curtailed planned developments. Amuse yourself for a few moments by completing our 'fun' questionnaire.

Bob Trubshaw