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comments and suggestions

All comments and suggestions are most welcome. Especially appreciated at this stage are:

  • comments on the articles already on this site, to help create some 'preliminary' discussion pages.
  • offers of additional articles
  • suggestions for relevant links
  • offers 'in principle' to develop distance learning courses and/or act as tutors for such courses
  • lots more suggestions for how this site could develop!
  • offers and suggestions for sponsorship

Articles for foamy custard should preferably approach popular culture, politics, religion, and other aspects of modern life (and the 'historical roots' of such contemporary ideas) using the approaches of folklore, mythology, cultural studies, sociology of culture. Articles should show awareness of current academic approaches, although they do not need to deal 'overtly' with theory.

At this stage I am especially interested in articles that take what would normally be considered a 'folklorist's' or 'mythologist's' approach to topics that are usually regarded as 'mass culture', 'politics', or otherwise outside the 'expected' domains of interest. Likewise, 'cultural studies' approaches to topics more normally thought of as 'folklore' or 'myth'. Other ways of 'blurring the boundaries' between folklore, mythology, cultural studies, politics, etc are also of interest and, longer-term, may become the predominant content of foamy custard. All articles must be written for non-specialists, so technical terminology should be kept to a minimum and briefly explained when first mentioned.

If in doubt, email a copy of an article, or the URL if it is already online, or a synopsis of something you're working on.

Please send emails to

Your email address will not be disclosed to any other persons or organisations.

Bob Trubshaw