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Key dates in the Boudican revolution

55 BCE Julius Caesar invades with the Xth legion, but does not stay and only took hostages.

3 CE The Claudian invasion

61 CE The massacre of the druids.

61 CE The rise and fall of Boudica

62 CE (assumed) Boudica dies from her wounds.

78-84 CE Agricola rules Britain (He was present at the battle with Boudica).

120 CE Hadrian built his wall.

Boudica's Rebellion

59 or 60 CE Death of Prasutagus, the client king of the Iceni and husband of Boudica. He leaves half his wealth to the Roman Emperor, Nero, and half to his widow.

60 CE The Roman Emperor's fiscal Procurator, Decianus Catus, attempts to make a full inventory of the Iceni estates. In the process he caused a minor clash which ended with Boudica being flogged and her daughters raped. The Druids used this event as a focus for anti-Roman rebellion.

May 61 Boudica raises her army as Paullinus prepares to destroy the Druids on Anglesey. [Above you say it was 58 !!!]

July 61 Boudica attacks Colchester, London and St Albans.

August 61 Battle of Whitford where Boudica attempts to cut off Paullinus from his depot at Chester.

November 62? Boudica dies of her wounds and is buried near Caerwys, Flint

Boudica's last battle - introduction | Did Boudica die in Flintshire? | In search of Boudica at The Gop | Boudica and The Gop | Buddug in Flintshire | Boudica - the case for Atherstone and Kings Cross

Originally published in Mercian Mysteries No.25 November 1995.

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