Beyond Beliefs

Beyond Causality

Beyond Consciousness

Beyond Histories

Beyond Individuality

Beyond Knowledge

Beyond Language

Beyond Memes




Our concept of reality is artificial and culture-bound. We imagine the 'real' world to be a projection of our egos which in turn are formed by the public world which controls economies and families alike.

The 'real' world for us at the end of the twentieth century is the world of jobs and 'leisure', money and progress, success (by which we mean fame) and a whole pile of comparatively recent cultural baggage. It is a matter of 'education': the process of leading us out of any kind of inner awareness - which is why so many adolescents want to 'get out of their heads': they feel that their heads are not their own.

'Reality' is simply a matter of convention, like good manners and wearing particular kinds of clothes. We assume that there is a definite and definitive 'real world' out there which we only have to examine.

This is the scientific fallacy born out of the Renaissance. According to it, knowledge is simply categorising and comprehending a finite real world which adheres to laws of physics and psycho-social dynamics.

Anthony Weir Time and Place: the TV of our minds